Populations living in the  midwest states have on occasion endured a very harsh winter and on an intensely cold day a mail room worker opened a box and stated flatly "Spring must be on back order this year".


                                   Now arriving


   "Altitude 3000 feet and descending" the radio crackled in the control tower at the airport. Joe Cold perked up. In off peak hours of air traffic he refocused his attention to scan the radar. He adjusted his headset, a wave of delightful anticipation kicked in, he recalled that morning  the gnawing cold and frosted morning windshield would end soon.


    "April First, is that you?"

    "That’s a roger" the warm voice purred.

    An inward smile came to his lips as he said "flight 130, you are cleared for landing, runway three, welcome back.’"

"10-4." came the pilot "you read for the cargo, Joe.?"

  "Roger that!" he replied as he envisioned the thermal coat, hung next to him to be replaced by a light jacket soon. It had been too long wearing that beast, his shoes still coated with mud and snow from filthy sidewalks.

  "Take her down Jack Frost," said April, "I’ll let know our passengers know we are about to land."

   Landing lights peaked from a snow cover in the distance. They shimmered like a string of diamonds on the runway to destiny and into the welcome arms of the frozen few.

  Jack Frost dropped his head slowly.

  ""Feel sick, Jack.? April queried.

  "Ah yes….I don’t feel welcome there anymore." He answered. The next sound was tires that screamed on the runway with a shudder. Engines roared in reverse. A large box in the hold , marked for special delivery, strained at the hold down straps like a wild animal wanting to escape. The plane left warm winds in its wake.

  Insulated gloves came off eager hands to grab the box, weary arms warmed while lifting. Thier cold numbed stares turned into smiles of welcome. Crushed slush at their feet dissolved. The massive box made the forklift groan with delight aiming for the waiting truck. A thin layer of water started to shimmer on the tarmac. The truck sat patiently waiting until the door closed on the load, the engine started with greater ease.

    At the first stop the driver noticed cleaner roads behind him. Power lines cleared from ice, birdsong filled the air, nests were rapidly being built, earthworms were hunted. The grass stripe near the dock sprang to life. Bicycle riders jumped out of nowhere, joggers and roller blades shared the same path.

    A receiver singed for one of the smaller cartons, employees in the lunchroom relaxed joyfully observing the waterfalls of melting snow and ice sliding down the water spouts.

  The air was alive again as hundreds of eager feet walked briskly along paths to rediscover the great outdoors. Coats were left off hanger, all but forgotten.


   The driver continued to his destination with the large container. The drive was smooth as he noticed the truck using less gas with the box still on board. Ditches filled with water. The final receiver made note of what he was receiving and knew he had gotten the correct shipment. He opened the box  and to his delight the content started to float away. The once frigid air was transformed into sparkling, warm sunshine, the weariness  ended. He tore the label off the box and placed it on the bulletin board, it announced the arrival of Spring.  



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