IT DEPENDS


   "I thought that ceremony would never end." David slide the electronic key through the slot in the hotel door. It eased open to the warm colors of the bridal suite. He wheeled his bride around for at better look at silk drapes that arched high and wide.

   "This reminds me of the arch over our wedding ceremony." Renee cooed.

   "Yes, pretty nice, but you look better to me than anything in the room." his nose touched her cheek.

   "Come on honey, that was a once in a lifetime event that should have been fun" Renee smiled in return. "I sure had fun."

    "Oh, I did too and I am. I am just glad I have you alone now. The rest of my life with you alone is all I ask." He sat her down on the queen sized bed. She brushed back her her hair to reveal that permanent smile.

     "Ready for that special night?" he winked at her as he put his hand behind her back and started to unzip the wedding dress.

    "Oh yes, but give me moment and you go take a shower, please."

   Moments later he was clean and fresh as he closed the bathroom door.

   "Now for what I’ve been waiting for." she winked at him. The setting was perfect and everything he had imagined. Soft lights in the suite accented her blonde hair, her pearly whites actually glowed:her dimples beckoned. The wedding dress was on a chair nearby.

   Her red negligee and deep blue eyes pulled at his love struck eyes. Windsong made him dizzy with desire. She lay in bed with a thin pastel pink sheet placed loosely over her body.

  "You are worth the wait." he licked his lips as he slipped across the bed next to her.

   "Pull the sheet and see your hearts desire." he pull it back quickly exposing every luscious curve and delight. "I don’t see anything but the beauty of you." he smiled.

   "Up here." she pulled his hand up to her thigh and to a new garter. Her soft touch pulled his hand higher. "now enjoy." she stretched her neck muscles and braced her body for him.

  "This reminds me of something." He groaned deeply.

His inner being cringed as he remembered a time and place in distant past, a voice he disliked in a place he disliked even more.


   "Done already?" the sarcastic voice of the seaman first class boatswain mate pushed forgotten pain back in this memory as Dave backed out the narrow phone booth doorway. He closed the squeaky door to regrasp the filthy atmosphere of the alley. No answer from his fiance at the port left him anguished.

   "I told her I would call her yesterday. Now I suppose she wonders what happened to me>" Laughter could be heard from behind him.

   "Big deal, you’re just a sailor, a seaman apprentice at that." his superior smirked.

  "She will be on the road not knowing where to come too." Lonesomeness was his enemy, as he watched the bulging shoulders lift as he puffed on his cigarette. It glowed briefly unlike the red lamp in the background that gave the jerk an ugly aura.

"She should not come here anyway ," he chuckled, "she would be turned away."

"Really miss her: I can’t wait until she gets here."

   "Well, the captain did apologized for the breakdown at sea."


  Smoke poured from his nostrils in the damp air. "and we have to get on our shore patrol duties right now."

"I’m new at this you know." Dave muttered to himself

  "First time for everything kid, " the cigarette dropped to the ground, foot crushing it out. "this is our beat and these are our checkpoints."

  David choked bitterness and tears as his caught the yellow signs from empty pawn shops and busy bars. "This place has seen better times.’ he muttered to himself. The mixture of light accented shapely woman in red tights and high heels loitering about. A few walked out with sailers on their arms and giggled as they jumped into waiting taxi cabs.

  "The original red light district." the seaman coughed harshly as he bulldozed ahead."Come on kid." He pointed at the shore patrol band on his coat. "Duty demands we go in and make our presents known even if  it is empty."

  "Are there hookers in there?" Dave asked not wanting to know.

"Oh yes, and probably busy too." another chuckle rippled from a  horse throat as he pushed open the door. "Our ships last night back in weeks."

  "No, I can’t!" his throat tightened in a swallow. Dave stopped, focus became difficult. I wonder if my fiance will find me?  He says she can’t. Will she understand this my job?

"Go in, now!" the voice threatened as they entered a dark world oozing with desire. "That is an order?"

  "I desire only one woman," he dragged his feet and whispered into an invisible and deaf ear.


   Behind a beaded curtain swirling lights delighted his eyes that had only seen gray steel ship walls, sparkling eyes greeted him now. Did a woman wink at him, pretty eyes then reminded him of his real love but who knew where she was right now. The sensuous odor of Windsing compelled him forward, pushing away out the past and beckoning the curious. Smells just like my girl.  A lovely woman in a pink shirt and blue denim skirt, her olive tinted arms came forward to touch his hand gently. Tender fingers interwind his before he could pull them apart. OH MAN, his body shivered, they feel so good, I needed this. Another woman guided both men to an empty booth. this place was so compelling, music pulsated into his brain as bodies swayed to a haunting rythem.

  A grin grew on his partner face, teeth flashed with a lusty smile a he turned to another woman to be embraced and started groping her breasts. This Idiot loves this and he is married.

"What am I doing here?" Dave groaned again untill a dark lustrous hair and beaming face as she approached tightly to embrace him. Look at those lips, perfect. He wanted to reach out as he felt his own lips parting as he came within a hot breath. Another face appeared as he waited for the affection. It came but not from his true love. Who is this woman? His eyes popped open, a stranger in dark place.


    Nerves tensed again as she pulled her skirt up and sat very close exposing a colorful garter on her shapely hips. Her touch on his face was smooth and sent uncontrollable shivers throughout his love sick body. She pulled his hand on the garter and stared pulling down his hand, his neck museless tightened to a tremble.

  "I dont’ belong here." Dave said and tried to look away. Here sweet smile drew his attention gain, his hand felt limp against her leg, no longer noticing the garter. I just want  my woman and not you. She leaned over to kiss him gently, Dave felt a blush in his face and wanted to tighten the kiss, the lush fragrance embraced him as she whispered words of lust.


"Come back later and make love to me." she put her hand on his leg letting it crawl upward, he knew what was coming and smiled as he released. He walked away, quickly retreating. The looser remained engulfed with his captor


   Outside the door the bright lights greeted him again. He straightend his shirt and adjusted his  hat. His heart still pounding as he looked forward. He could see lights from a car approaching him and hocking at him.


"You come back here!" the burly man shouted.

"They know we are here. I’ll wait outside the door and that is final."  Dave shouted back.    


"Sweetheart?" the familiar voice brought him back. His vision filled with what was his as she quickly drew him into a tight embrace. Her gentleness absorbed his every thought.

  "What were you thinking just now?" She whisper in his ear.

   "How much i am going to enjoy you right now." His arms wrapped around her body tightly as skin collapsed into softness . 





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