The Time of year for extra care

Black Ice

We are now at the time of year when some 40 degree temperatures in the day time leave puddles everywhere, then at night those puddles freeze. It doesn’t have to be night either it can be heaving shadow early evening, when you least expect it. Distracted walking and  texting, it will get you. Black ice very dangerous, no you won’t fall threw it but you will slip back ward most likely crack your head a good and hard and hopefully nothing more than that. Many years ago I didn’t see in the dark and went down hard. I really don’t how long I was out but managed to call my wife on my cell phone and went to the  emergency room. Had multiple stitches from head wound, hurt for days. As a result of this trauma I have retention problems and don’t need dark glasses during  the daytime.

Road problems

You don’t see it while cruising along at any speed especially night, but it is there. You are out of control careening  toward who knows what. When it catches you will be in trouble of undetermined amount. Could be a tree, another car, over a cliff. I slide into a ditch on the freeway. Didn’t a cell phone but fortunately for me and the other person in the car there was tow truck across the waiting for other car to slip in the ditch. Intersections  are known for the hazard, sitting there with exhausts spewing vapor make it very slippery.



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