Scared Rocket Boy?

Congrats Mr President

You scared rocket boy into maybe behaving himself. Your sanctions, along with China’s  help are putting pressure on that lunatic. Pyong Yang is feeling the sting, he should be. Threatening the most powerful country in the world with destruction is not a smart thing to do.  Hey rocket boy, ever hear of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, from your history book? The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and got a nice gift back. We  had a bomb that wiped out an entire city.

United States of America doesn’t like being attacked

The enemy keeps trying and failing. England pushed us around for sometime, we didn’t give in. We love our freedom and way of life. 911 was a major landmark in the USA

we beat the hell our those radical of Islam with the mother of all bombs.  Our Presidents, no matter which is in office, don’t like war. War is costly and messy but when our national security is in jeopardy our men and woman are willing to lay down lives to stop the enemy.

President Trump won’t be pushed around by anybody

He is not the only who is sick and tired of your nonsense and is going to do something about it. Thank you for inviting the President to peace talks. My bet is Pyong  will lie thru his teeth to appease to our President. Well, rocket boy, pay close attention please, the US NAVY is at your door with military might that won’t play nice with your little pea shooters you have strewn about. Have a nice day.




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