The culture war will never be won

Hollywood has destroyed America

This not so invisible war has been going on for so long, I don’t know who fired the first shot anymore. I have it feeling it might have started in the intellectual think tank known as Hollywood. The garbage they have strewn across America and the world is a stench on mankind. They have endorsed and pushed everything from love at first sight that is not love at all but lust that destroys marriages and lives. then they they are the  political spokes men for all of us or so they think.

God is on the other side of the aisle

The other side of the aisle arms themselves with God, The power source that is unbeatable, and his servants. However, we have our faults, like lust of fun and entertainment when we think God isn’t looking. News flash we can’t hide from God, He knows our heart, He knows what are like and knows how we are capable of choice.  With the onset of modern knowledge it is easier than ever to commit whatever we want.

The church has fallen away from God

I think back to my young days when it was forbidden to enter into a theater with the threat of being ousted from your church. As an adult the same denomination in a different city talk about what movie to go to that afternoon. There once were evening services at church and now there is no such thing. What does God think of this? If I’m mistaken some of those church doors are now closed because God was not honored there.

Who will win the battle,  thank our God in Heaven, He will. The Revelation tells us about it.

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