Drastic change of lifestyle

For many years I worked literarily every day and night as a driver. I loved to drive, basically the only skill I had that was marketable.  I have had good reliable vehicles and was qualified so I hit the road for around 10 years. I drove in the heat of the Summer, watching the radiator get hot. Then the frigid cold of Winter trying to keep warm in the freezing temperatures.

Anyway, it came to a point in time, due to overwork from 18-hour days that my blood pressure went to high and my number one employer said I was done. I could not pass the physical to continue. I took the evening job where I put in only 8 hours at night. I got in the new habit of coming home late at night after delivering pizza until 12 midnight, eating my supper and sleeping until 8 or 9 am. Life was better. Spent some time with my wife then take a nap before going to work. Even on my days off I would take that nap from 12 noon to around 2 pm. A new life style that I liked.

Then I fell on the end of some steps after delivering a pizza and broke my ankle. I was in severe pain, got that lovely ride to the emergency room get to get a cast put on. Learned that that this lovely little gem would not leave me for at least 6 weeks. Surgery was two days later, and a boot put on. Horrible thing to wear, sure it took care of my foot and ankle but a living hell to deal with. Lucky me, they gave me a walker instead of crutches

What could I do for work?

Obviously, I am out of job, another lifestyle change, and drastic one. I have neuropathy in my feet as well for a double whammy for healing. For some reason unknown, the neuropathy causes extra harsh problems with the broken ankle.  The pain of neuropathy is getting more intense every day. The pain is by far more intense than it had been for months. I was on my feet at work a great deal, now I sit most of the time. What do I do now since I have not more income? Well at my age of 68, I do receive social security income but that does not cover a house mortgage. I got on the work internet, that makes a little money but not enough.

we move out of the home we loved

We were forced to sell our wonderful home we lived in for nearly 40 years. My wife is disabled as well for many years after cancer surgery. We needed to remodel the entire home to make it salable. Our wonderful grown sons pitched in big time to help us out. They put out a ton of money and time to get the home ready. We had leave during the showings. We moved to my young son’s home during the remodeling showings. It was kind of him and our wonderful daughter in law to do this. We stayed in a nice sized room with what little furniture we could take with us. Our house full of stuff that had to go

by either selling or giving it away. Very pain full lifestyle to deal with. Watching a lot treasured items go was likening watching death. The house was sold for 10000 less then was asked for. But it had to be sold before winter set in. We closed on the house just before the New Year and put 10000 dollars in the bank for saving after all bills were paid.

Meantime, living at my son’s house was thirty miles from our old neighborhood, was a challenge. The rent was low but the house was a constant mess. I love that family to no end, my grandchildren are always a joy to be with, a four-year-old and 1 year old. The room was always cold, it had been an add on the house with no ventilation, only a space heater. I sat in the middle of the room working online with a computer my son gave me. I found jobs online and still do. The grandchildren ran around my chair quite often, very entertaining for me and my wife. She was 5 feet away from me 24 hours a day, that was not that easy. I snored a lot, she would scream at night. She was stressed from losing a very loved home. We had to learn an entire different neighborhood as well.

My daughter in law is a wonderful, precious woman I love dearly, but a lousy house keeper with two very active children around. The dining room was a constant mess, the kitchen was unusable to our needs. It was filthy and full garbage all the time, the hallway to the bathroom was hard to navigate anytime with toys laying everywhere. I visited often her with and she always sweet to me. The room we were in had been her craft room and we knew she wanted back. One day the power went out in the neighborhood. It got cold in there. My daughter put a nice blanket on me the entire day. It took 12 hours to get the power back on.  We searched constantly on the internet for a retirement home, they were hard to come by mostly because of excessive cost and lack of space. Many people, like my age are retiring and moving out of big homes they don’t need anymore. We found one near our old neighborhood that was affordable and available.

A trip was made to an active retirement community. A wonderful two-bedroom apartment was singed for and we’re ready to move in. It wouldn’t be available until January 13, 2018. While waiting for this change of location, we attended our middle son’s wedding, I was in pain the entire day with that disgusting boot on yet. We are delighted with our new daughter in law. Then they took the boot off a week later and bought new shoes that should reduce with the problem of neuropathy. They didn’t help much at all. I still used the walker much of the time. Using the single boot forever and the walker threw my balance off a lot. I had a tough time just standing up. I walked with a limp all the time. During several weeks after surgery I was completely useless, and my precious wife had to take care of me 24 hours a day. Her godly faithfulness was noted every day.

By January 8, 2018 the boot was removed, and I can walk a little better now, the effects of the boot stayed with me as pain on neuropathy did not go away and I walked very imbalanced for many more weeks. My damaged foot was very painful of the time from disease that I have. We finally moved in to our new apartment January 13, 2018 on very chilly day. I had to continue using the walker. I was so unstable with the walker all the time and in pain when I walked. I had to walk to get around, how else do you go the kitchen and bathroom?  I set up office in one room of the apartment, my wife slept in a lounger in the living room all the time. We were in separate rooms again and enjoying that fact, along with quiet and warmth.

We had to restock the kitchen at local stores since so much stuff got lost in moving due to lack of space. Now we have plenty of space in our new home. My wife thinks it is a hotel room, a permanent one at least. We discovered it is cheaper living here than in our former home. My one son lives nearby and comes to see up on occasion along with our precious daughter-in-law. I have not seen my grandchildren now for two months since we arrived, I sure miss them.

Life in the senior building is very pleasant. I don’t get out much at all. I feet hurt too much to go very far, I now there are many activities to attend to but I’m usually sitting here most of the time. I must keep making money in whatever ways I can. I have tried to those get rich schemes, buy this program, a different lifestyle awaits you, dream big but we want 1000 up front to get the rest of the program. You are taking a risk with that, don’t do fall for that great wealth line. Not too mention the stupid training the put you threw get there. There is one excellent job you can do, it is called amazon mechanical Turk. Strange name but decent work, doesn’t pay much, but I have made a hundred dollars month on it. I do surveys as well, am the survey king. The don’t pay much either but if you want something to do go for it, unless you are in better condition than I am to get around. I am hoping by Spring and Summer I can walk with less pain, I am using a cane since I feel more stable than I did. I can enjoy our massive court yard and pool, I have yet to go to the library or community room. My wife tells me that neighbors think she is alone. She tells that I am working constantly to make needed money. That is the way the new lifestyle is, I sleep when I want to usually from nine pm or 5 am and work again. I love it. Do what I can do when I can do it. No traffic to contend with and no toys in the hallway, very quiet here. I hear a train some distance away, very few sirens in the area, a big parking lot at my door and no steps other than the exit step that are not a problem for me. And as said we are near our old neighborhood again. My wife enjoys driving by the old house on occasion, I don’t like it because it brings tears to my eyes. It was hard to leave after 35 years and tons of memories left behind. Let’s put it this house, I left behind a house but not my wonder family, we are pretty much intact, no one got hurt, we are debt free, that alone is a blessing in disguised, a painful one for sure.


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