I loved my home and I love my apartment

Homeowner ownership  

I was a homeowner for 35 years and loved it. It was a one level home with a basement and front and back doors. The two car garage was 20 feet away from the back door. It is a three bedroom home, large living room and full kitchen. The basement is as large as the home with full carpeted playroom and bar as well. Laundry is in the basement next two a storage room with large walk in closet. There is full bath upstairs and half bath with shower in the basement. A family of five lived in the house for those 35 years until it was sold. It required the usual maintenance that goes with any home. I was so accustomed to a home I never thought of moving to an apartment, of all things.  Then I found out I would have a mortgage of my house for the next 17 years, that was too long. I got depressed over that thought, there was no real good way out of that.

Difficulties of homeowner ship

My sons suggested, on occasion, that we should sell the house and move into an apartment. Unthinkable, in my our opinion. However, it was harder to get help with lawn mowing in the summer, her legs were getting weaker, I was getting tired of climbing those steps everyday, my feet were getting worse every day, neuropathy and arthritis were upon me. I would go into apartments everyday on my job of pizza delivery, they were noisy, stinky, kids hanging out in hallways. It didn’t appeal to me at all.

Apartment life

Then it happened, I broke my ankle and was forced off the job for 10 weeks, not to mention my neuropathy was over bearing. I could no longer work out side of my home. I retired, our house was sold, a complete heartache for the family of five. I took months  to explore options and an apartment  was found that was affordable, close to our former neighborhood. We live in an apartment for two months and I love it. We are surrounded by other elderly men and woman who are kind and welcoming. This a delightful surprise for both of us. It is cheaper living here than at our  former home. We figure our two bedroom, one and half bathroom and very large living room is very nice and very affordable. The space we live in now is one fourth the size of our former home. We don’t need anymore space than what we have. We should have done this some time ago. Because we did sell our house, we are debt free. We are now apartment dwellers but it took severe and pain hardship to do it.

Now the question is, society says there a stigma attached to living in an apartment building? Is it because apartments dwellers are more reckless with their apartments? We did find that the former occupants who kicked out for I don’t know what reason.

Actually, many of us baby boomers are down sizing every day.



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