In this world you shall have persecution


Christian Bashing

In this life you have shall your persecution Jesus spoke these words to his followers, true then and true now. Non-Christians hate Jesus, that is their big mistake. The entire Muslim intent is to kill Christians. Their Allah is Satan himself. In this USA it is getting more common to get rid of God completely, no prayer in schools, blatant atheism, the supreme court allowing abomination of gay marriage, kill those sitting in the pew and the latest slamming is on the show, THE VIEW.

   Joy Behar was totally out line and is liable for slander, mocking our VP for talking to Christ and listening to His voice in return. She slandered an entire country full of prayer warriors by that dumb comment. Technically, she is only hurting herself by blatant blasphemy of the work of Jesus in the world. Calling it a mental problem is a stupid thing to say, she has the mental problem. I understand she was forced to apologize, the only apology her viewers should accept is her leaving the show. You can bet if she said this about Muslims there would have been a riot in the studio with her head being taken off.

In case she didn’t know this we Christians have that relationship with Jesus, we talk to Him in a personal way, He speaks to us with a still small voice and in His Word, the BIBLE. This helps us keep our sanity, there is nothing insane about it. It is a relationship, a very real one and a very powerful one than cannot be quenched.


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