The battle over immagration

What troubles me?

They come any way they can, over the south border, because the wall isn’t built yet. Some risk their lives at sea in rubber rafts or if the get lucky the can even fly in. Trailer loads of dead bodies have been discovered from those who would be illegal immigrants. Nobody has been stopping them, Democrats welcome them with open arms, giving them whatever they want but at huge cost to natural Americans, those who were born here. Democrats want immigrant votes eventually in return, by showing they are the good guys. The stupid comment by leading Democrats states, don’t send them back until they commit a crime. Coming to this country, as an illegal, is a crime

The tragic results of foreign war


Everyone has the right to survive from war torn countries, it certainly is a human tragedy, but not to kill another human to get what they want. They want the American dream, but some hate the American dream.   Some killed American citizens because they are of the radicalized Islam, coming to kill the infidel. We don’t know one from the other until they steal our planes and knock down our buildings. All of them need to be vetted before they touch our land. They are given free education, medical care and jobs, they are illegal immigrants. American citizens can’t for afford college or medical, but these get it for free. I don’t think so.  For some reason beyond my understanding, veterans and senior citizens are neglected to take care of illegals. Hillary’s election loss was traumatic, now Democrats are desperate to get votes from any place and primarily from illegal immigrants. Many of these immigrant’s demand that their customs and laws, like Sharia law, be adopted by America. Hey, excuse me, your laws failed there why would they work here? America banned Sharia law many years ago. I like many other see these immigrants want to change America because of the creed of the Islamic, to conquer the world.

George Soros is behind it

President Obama encouraged this immigration by giving away the country, he apparently hates, and bring in those would destroy it. And quite frankly, it is known that George Soros the powerful billionaire, is behind it. His intent is to destroy many countries and especially the United States of America. He has sponsored rioters in many parts of our country, had them block freeways and destroy property to weaken the economy. How many of these rioters are actually illegal immigrants? That problem is unknown, they don’t identify themselves.

The Presidents battle

President Trump, on behalf of most of Americans wants the influx of illegals stopped. Some have blended with the poor people to bring destruction to our country like a Trojan Horse? A travel ban should be imposed to sort out the mess and send back those with crime records or intention. Once the matter is settled immigrants should be registered and allowed to get a job and work for an education like everybody else in the country, after all our grandparent were immigrant decades ago. My grandparents came from Germany and Russian.



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