The pool of words

Not easy getting into it

I stand by a large pool of words ready to dive in but I’m very hesitant, how deep is the water, is it cold, is it friendly? Will I be accepted and appreciated in any way. To me the water is just words strung together to form sentences and thoughts.  Thoughts turn into paragraphs and content in the public view. Well, I have always wanted to do this but I’m not sure, until to-day. I have trouble spelling and putting lines together to make sense to readers who want to entertained and informed. I am retired now with nothing better to do than this great new venture. I am competing against 50 million others on this type of work, will it be seen and how. How many are actually writers?

The Writers Life

Okay, that is enough babble just jump, the more I work at it, the better I get. Here goes, my eye close in a natural protection from water in them, my head enters first, got to think you know. Now my body feels the warmth of love and gratitude surrounding me, it feels so good. I come up for air after being down for just a few minutes, I want to stay in the water and in the writers job for life. I am a published writer and loving it. Thank you  faithful readers now at last count 145, and to WordPress for you fantastic assistance. Mostly to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has given so many thoughts and ideas to share with you.

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