The Power of the Cross of Christ

“Your up next, you should get a decent price.”

Nobody knew the fat old balding man’s name, nor did they want to, he was a worthless human being to be sold on the auction block. Many people had gone before him and were sold into slavery of sins.  Satan declared “He had been caught not using a prostitute when I sent him one.”

“I’m married, and I love my wife, I only looked once.” No name cried.

“Everybody says that.” The dark clothed beast his face could not be seen, said with a laugh. “You fool.”

The platform was set up as the crowd stood still waiting to kill and steal whatever they could.  No name stood in the middle, handcuffed. He didn’t want to be there and struggled against the bonds.

“Okay, let the bidding begin,” Satan barked to his buyers.

“I will begin,” Lust responded, “since you have a craving for woman, I can you get many for free, just follow me and you will get all you want and get away with it.”

“Now, how can you pass that up?’ Satan laughed. “That is an amazing offer I’ve heard of before.”

“I wanted my wife only” He cried, “I will ever do that abuse again. It would have been sin to have an affair.”

“I will bid, now!” growled Hate with an angry voice. “He was angry at his wife and argued with her, but we know she deserved it.  I can help you kill her.”

“It was a mistake and I knew it” He pleaded. He was ignored and shouted down.

“No, you can’t.” Shouted Murder. “that is my bid. That woman deserves to die for not sleeping with you as much as you want. Give me access to the wife then this man can lust for all the prostitutes he can handle.”

“He looks like hell to me, I can make big improvements on his appearance first.” Vanity spoke up. Has was lavishly fine linens dyed purple and golden jewelry. “His wife is ugly too.”

“Anymore bids for this worthless human being? “Satan continued.

“I would but is this really worth it. He is just not my type. Look at him, how can you improve on such a wreck” Deceit said.  “I want quality merchandise.” He turned to leave.

“I love your attitude, “Satan Laugh as he stood closer to no name to put his arms around his shoulders, “looks nobody no one wants you, you will do well in hell.”
No name shrugged “You stink of sulfur, back up please.”

“Get used to it, idiot I’m your new best friend. “

Another man gently walked thru the crowd, his appearance was snow white, he spoke with supreme authority. “I want him.”

“Who are you, you look very different from these other demons,” Satan glared heavily, knowing who he was.

“I am the great I am.” Jesus Christ spoke modestly

“No more bids please. I can’t take this nonsense.” No name mumbled to himself.

“Now pay attention all you. You have had your say now I want real bids. Who really wants this miserable thing.” Satan picked him and then dropped hard on the ground.

“Kill him now!” Hate yelled.

“I would like too so much.” Satan hissed. “come on bid, you fool.”

“One day of being the crown prince of Egypt.” Shouted Vanity. “He will have a gorgeous woman who wants him and be in bed with her. Joseph sure failed this, but I think that this fool won’t.”

“That sounds good, another attempt at destroying a life.” Satan said with excitement.

“He will own it all with the queen happy with him” Greed spoke up. “It is all worthless, but he won’t know that.”

“Good, I like him owning everything for no reason but to have it.” Satan shuffled his feet as the man stood again and looked around.

“I just looked at her, that is all I did.” No name screamed.

Satan’s leg came up with a swift kick knocking the him ground again sent him writhing in pain.

“Can I join you and give and him another one kick.” Envy spoke gleefully.

“OH no don’t do that. I would be kind to him and let him do what he wants” Laughed Deceit.  “His wife will never know. I taught him that anyway.”

“Well, I am the highest bidder.” Vanity cocked his head.

“I will make a bid.” Said Jesus.

The beings turned to the Savior.

“What have you got to offer.” They mumbled

“Peace, forgiveness, redemption, freedom, eternal life.”

“I thought you would be stupid enough to say that! “Satan bellowed. “You know what it takes to do that?”

“Yes, and I will do just that.” Said Jesus as he is leaving the crowd.

“You would die for this pathetic excuse of human being.” Satan laughed.

“Yes, I will and right now.” Jesus walked in to a thin cloud and vanished.

“Get out of my sight and don’t come back.”

“Where is He going?’ the man pleaded. “I love what He just said.”

Never the hell you mind,” lash at him again. “Let’s finish the bidding, now”


The sun rose and burned the cloud away revealing a distant horizon: a hill in the distant a wooden cross being built, a body hung, and it raised, creatures in the scene froze in place, the bidding stopped.

“Don’t look to Him, this is stupid.” Satan screamed again.

The beings would could hear the hammer and nails pounding into flesh. Jesus said nothing.

“Ha, he is dead already, worthless act. “He snorted.

“What is he doing.” Asked the man looking intently at the scene

“He is being the fool on the Hill.” Satan mocked

“But why is dying for me?”

“To free you, someone must die in your place. He isn’t coming back, so forget about it.” Satan slapped him again.

“What is he doing now? The man said as he spit blood on the ground from being hit too many times.

He gazed at Jesus being prepared for burial, his hands were still bleeding, his side pierced, his forehead and face soaked in blood.

“Can’t you tell He is dead?’ Satan snapped. “Now let’s get done, we have wasted so much time on this nonsense.”

A crowd of men and woman appeared from and alley, drawing Satan’s attention.  “What is this!” he screamed again. Each of them turned and bowed in the direction of the empty cross, worshipping as they walked away. “Where are you going to, you belong to me for slavery, get back here.”

“That tomb they put Jesus in is empty.” The man got excited.

Satan looked up startled, “No, it can’t be, it’s a mirage, the Jews stole him.”

“No, they didn’t, I see him coming.” The man jumped for joy “The King is coming, and he is coming for me!”

Clouds of glory burst into the arena spreading rays of glistening white.

Satan backed down. “No, it can’t be,” His lips trembled, and the demons tried to flee him.

The glorified Christ floated to the center of the stage blinding the beings so that they tripped in the alley. Satan grabbed the man by the throat. “You get out of here or I will kill him right now.” Fear shook in his face as his trembling arm couldn’t keep a choke hold on the man.

“How did you do that?’ Satan pleaded.

“I am who I am.” Jesu spoke with the voice of many waters.

“But you were dead!”

“And now I live to redeem what is mine.” Christs gaze pierced Satan’s hold, his grip shattered as the man walked forward.

“But Vanity won the bidding, didn’t he?” Satan objected meekly

“Do see him here now?” Christ asked.

“No” Satan fell to his knees.

“I fulfilled your demands and paid the price and he is mine.” Christ reached out his arms to beckon the man to him.

The man willing took the arms in warm embrace.

“You can’t believe that this man would really want you?” Satan pleased again.

“Why would you do this for me or anybody else?” not taking his eye off Jesus.

“I loved you and those others since the foundation of the world and have redeemed you by my power.” Jesus spoke calmly. “You are mine and now come with me if you so choose.

“He doesn’t choose to do that.” Satan bounded back. He gestured for the beings to take the Risen Savior out.

“You choose this day whom you shall serve.” The light of Christs glory drowned out the darkness that surrounded the stage. The beings vanished, all chains fell off human souls.

“I surrender all to Jesus,” the man plainly said to a very angry Satan.

They walked hand in hand down the steps to leave.

“No, you can’t do this.” Satan followed them down the steps, they step broke and he fell, crashing into the filth he created.

“I redeemed him, and he is mine by choice. “He spoke with great authority.

“I will get even with you “Satan writhed in hatred, pain, envy and lust.

“I know you will try hard, but you will die trying.”







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