This is getting way too dangerous

The situation in West Virginia and other states of teachers going on strike for more pay is going to cause greater damage on our children and this generation of lives. I can understand wanting more pay, but the results are costly.

Can Teachers get seasonal jobs

I personally have had to work two jobs my whole life and I wasn’t a teacher. just your average worker. Even when my boys became independent men I had to work more. So, their beef of not enough pay is unjustifiable, as far as I am concerned. I am retired now, sold my home, payed off my debts, so I’m debt free.  I have an at home job now I enjoy as a writer and internet jobs galore. What do they do when not teach school? I personally got two maybe three weeks’ vacation a year, no summers off.

Are these teachers forgetting that taxes pay for schools and I know Appalachia is a very poor part of the country and has been for many years. The government uses those taxes that you pay to take care of you, well apparently is there is not enough to collect because your area is so poor, don’t get me wrong that is not a criticism of Appalachia. I feel for you but look at the affects you are having on your children and their future. Anytime teachers strike there is severe loss valuable education time.

Violent video games and movies and teaching destruction

The use of video games and movies is getting outrageous.  I have played some of these games myself as an adult, when I had spare time. I am appalled at what happens in the them. Grand theft auto is horrible, endorsing car theft in a rampage to destroy cops and anybody else in the way. It is full of gore and very realistic bloodshed. Is this what you want the kids to learn, that killing is ok? The new zombie thing, what is the attraction to this nonsense? What is the attraction to watching fake dead people killing each other? The HUNGER GAMES, really, what is the joy of watching teens kill each other? I tried to play a sniper game once of the play store on my android phone. It was all blood shed with very dangerous weapons, showing how to kill and showed bloodshed.

Okay, here we really go now. The abundance of movies lately, where do I begin to describe the junk out there? The most popular source for movies is Netflix, I too am a subscriber and love many shows. The show I hate most that I stopped was THE FOLLOWING all about embracing death. He taught that death should be welcomed in this cult movie. He had raised an entire generation to go around killing, just to do it. I was incredibly graphic as the FBI did their best to stop this animal. Now, I am not afraid of death myself, when Jesus calls me home I am ready to go willingly, but to kill human beings because death is better is well beyond reason. I couldn’t take that garbage anymore and I don’t want to know the ending. In one scene he encouraged a young woman to murder a captive that was resisting his teachings. He wanted her to see the joy of killing another human being. I could not take the attitude of the show at all.

There is little gem called Breaking Bad. I watched two episodes of his change of direction to make money, a very disgusting occupation to take part in. It is almost impossible to find decent shows to watch anymore. Everything is about crime and bloodshed.  It seems to me that the only that plot that sells and gets attention is violence against cops and the innocent. One show I of like is LONGMUIR, more like a grown-up cop show with a rather intelligent cop who can’t be fooled. I recently finished STRANGER THINGS, very weird plot with a lot violence toward some kind weird beings. That kid swore way too much. Kept my attention to the end. The end was good on this one but, too much violence to deal with.


Parents are not supervising what children watch


To the real problem, the parents. Oh my, I’m going to step on toes now! What parents are allowing children to watch is unbelievable and not monitored. I recall when my kids were small, we did not have video games at all. Then I went to some cousin home where we discovered innocent games. It was convincing to get one, but he was not allowed to watch the newer ones. The are grown men now with their own families and children well past the age of real garbage. They are all nonviolent and very loving people. But my wife had monitored what they were doing. They did do a lot war games, where violence at that time did not show blood. This garbage sticks in the mind and makes murder seem like fun. I honestly believe watching violence breeds violence. Where the good outdoor play and getting exercise and fresh air, those days gone now. When I was a kid we were outside all the time, we had three channels to watch and only board games.

I know times have changed and evil has crept in to society. Unfortunately, everyone must be entertained all the time, violent movies are in abundance. I have two free channels on my blue ray with easy access to them. Crackle and Tubi tv are free, use easy to get to but the movies are all violent and often suggest cop killing and killing each other. THE CHOSEN, another violet show. People were forced to kill innocent people, I could watch to end.  I have access right now to over two hundred movies of both good and bad.

So, I have bad mouthed the violent games and movies, and I will, and I think you know why. Look at the effects on society in general and on our children. It is now cool to kill. Men buy guns now to protect themselves from young teens, they are in a gang, the intention is to rob and most likely kill. Home invasions are getting more common now. At one time you could leave the door unlocked.  Society has gone down-hill, and everyone does know why. Guns are common, drive by shootings are common. Where do these ideas come from, violent shows and videos? Left completely unmonitored our children are not what they should be. School shooting have increased and now are more common than terrorist attacks. We are imploding slowly. In the Summer time that is all many of our kids do is watch video and play videos unsupervised. I understand is impossible to keep kids out of trouble. My own kids complained about no rec center to go in the Summer, fortunately they played outside quit a lot in their youth.

Society is falling apart slowly because of this problem

The new generation coming I believes is called x, is heading for trouble, right now they are causing major problems dealing with the illicit drug scene. Experiment with the drugs and alcohol is getting very common especially among students, no real adult supervision.

And now with a teacher strike there will more damage. No matter what it takes, get back in that classroom and keep those kids off the streets, please! I know full well we cannot protect our children from everything given even more free time is unhealthy.




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