The Wonders of Nature part 9

God and Adam were talking in the Garden of Eden

Adam said to God “Why did Eve so beautiful, that long silky hair, those alluring eyes, oh my and the way she moves?”

God said to “I’m glad you feel that way, I did that so would be attracted to her.”

Adam replied. “Oh I am, her charm is deep and gracious, what about that”

“So you would love and take care of her, she is the focus of your attention” God answered with a smile.

“Oh, for sure,” But Adam looked confused. “They, why did you make her so dumb?”

“Really, my only man.” God chuckled. “So she would love you.”

Females are Gods gift to man, they are not dumb, probably smarter than men. God gave them to men for procreation and companionship. We certainly have our differences of habits and thinking but without them we have a void in our lives.

When i initially encountered the idea of writing a romance novel a mans point of view the thought blew me away. I realized I have 40 woman in my life one way or another. Most of them left after a few weeks or months of dating. I had one wonderful wife who passed away years ago and now, wonderful woman I have been to for 35 years. But what is the common thread that holds us together or tears us apart? You will meet both close friends, actual girlfriends, a very dear niece, and couple daughters-in-law, I love dearly.


I grew up around Beta. Her mother and my Mother were good friends in a large family. She had long beautiful hair and was always very kind to me. She really blossomed in high school and was part of our church youth group and always had a warm smile for me. I loves me around her and flirted hard with her. My arms wanted be to around her constantly and hugged whenever possible. I don’t recall ever dating her, but I recall my brother and I took her out in a canoe down the river, just hanging with. I know I came on leave from the Navy once summer and I think we actually had a date at that time.



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