Whether or not you like it there will be weather


The Midwest where I live in Minnesota has had its share of severe weather in past years. I have seen in the talk much information about areas of the country that are getting hit. For many years we watched tornados come in and clobber entire neighborhoods especially my own.

I recall very well coming home from work one after noon and seeing in the distance a very dark cloud that looked ominous to say the least, it had what appeared to be several potential tornados in it. I scurried to my home and watched the clouds approaching. I sat in the living room when sirens for major threat went off, I didn’t move as I watched it the sky darken and come down the block moving toward me. I could see what appeared to be a very nasty but small funnel. I was mesmerized by the sight of this. Next thing I knew it jumped over the house with a roar. I moved quickly to watch what it did. I moved to my kitchen window to look at the view that was unusually bright. It normally was very dark out of the back window with a huge tree blocking the light. Much too my horror the tree was laying on the ground in one big mess.

Tornadoes cause massive damage

I went to the front of the house to see trees down everywhere. I was a home inspector for damages at the time and spent the next several months traveling the entire area for homes being repaired for roof, siding and gutter. Several tornadoes swept through the areas all summer. I had just finished working a distant city and got home when I saw in the news hundreds of homes that were destroyed again in the same area. I went back there again and re worked the whole thing again with a broken heart. This time it was even worse, I met a little girl at one house, running around having fun. I got to the same wrecked home to learn of her death, crushed by the house falling on her. I cried with them, knowing this area has seen damage for years in the path of major storms. I would walk up to a ruined home to see the one next to it untouched. A respectable job but too but hard to deal with at times. I recall talking to one home owner who was upset by damage, saying too many storms too much damage, he wanted to move to a different area. I ended saying often, which storm was this.

Even before that event a news helicopter did a documentary video on following a tornado across an entire city near my home. Minnesota became tornado alley of the North. It has been years now since any storms came through, I guess the weather patterns have changed all that. I am not talking climate change that is whole different thing. Over many years patterns have shifted.

Heavy rains cause massive flood and destroy everything in the path


Speaking of rain problems and flooding, I do feel for those folks in Houston, Texas. I was delivering pizza one night during a heavy down pour, that wasn’t so unusual. This time I attempted to pass a car sitting still, that was not unusual either, but much to my shock a wall of water covered my hood and car. I was stopped in my tracks. I tried to start the car, nothing. I was obviously soaked in water. Called for my insurance company to tow the car. They answered quickly and explained to them what happened. The operator called it an act of God, yep out of my control. Then I noticed a bunch of cars around me when I could see out the window, all were stranded. I had to two deliveries in my car, not going anywhere.

A tow truck was called and then my phone went down. It would not keep a charge. I prayed loudly for help. The tow truck was supposed to call me when they were nearby. Large trucks went by as each wave rocked my car. Tow trucks went by, but they had their car.  I thought I was floating, I am looking around what little I could see. Water was going up my floor board and I was getting scared. I watched thru a side window to see an object near me. I wasn’t moving yet. There was no ditch next to me and the river was a mile away. I sat for three hours in the car praying all the time. Some kids came along and pushed me to dry ground. I stood there for a while directing traffic around the flooded street. A lady walked up to me and asked if need a ride, I went back the store and plugged my phone in to call the insurance company for the tow truck. They told me it was cancelled because they could not contact me. I had to do it all over again. They finally got the car and brought to a flooded parking lot where I worked, I asked to take it home with me in it. They refused since that was not the original request, then dropped the dead car 20 feet away from in one foot of water. I walked to the car to get the bags back in the store, my feet were drenched. My supervisor took me home and the next day I called to rent a car, there were none available since the flood whipped out 100 cars that night. We got the car towed home and put in the garage, it reeked of mold and sewer. The adjuster came a few days later and junked the car, in the mean time I bought another car when I could get a rental vehicle.

Now when I drive I am of very Leary of rain and flooded streets. But the next type of weather is even worse. I always say rain gets me when then goes away, snow doesn’t get me wet but does not


Some people love Winter but only at resorts or on nice fun hills


Minnesota Spring, Summer and Fall and then the dreaded Winter months. Every year we ask ourselves how bad it will get. Winter creeps in slowly, the Fall can be so beautiful with warm days, beautiful leaves, bonfires and just plain fun. The first small snow hits and leaving an inch on the driveway and lawn. Get out the snow blower and get that first layer off before it freezes. Some people love it because of skiing and snowmobiles and sled ride, to each his own. Ruts in the road and your driveway are very difficult guys to deal with they get so bumpy and if the stay all winter try and get rid of them when it freezes. The sidewalks, during the first winter months mostly November and December are a challenge by itself, you’re walking like a penguin for the ice. Night time ice, daytime slush. Black ice left by car exhaust is extremely dangerous before sliding on. It looks dry and nothing there but there is slippery, and you will crash when lose control and either spin or crash into another vehicle. On sidewalks if you are not paying attention to the path you will fall. I walked in the dark over apparently black ice and suffered a concussion from falling and ended up in the emergency ward. The same winter we got so much snow in one dumper I had to shovel my ninety feet driveway all day just to get out. I wasn’t alone in that effort. A snow blower was quickly purchased. The roads themselves, after the snow a can be real treacherous for getting a grip on your tires and moving at all. If you were driving with fresh snow before the plows came along you were probably driving on up to 5 inches of snow, a real treat when you sit low. You literally plow ahead and don’t stop or be prepared for having fun getting going again. And it can get so cold you don’t want a flat tire in the cold, take diligent care of them. Ever try to change a tire in the cold. Your fingers will burn with cold after taking care of nuts that are stubborn. The ice storms can be dangerous as taking out power lines for days. We long for short winters, now, the past several years has been mild, shifting to other states like out east that are getting harshness we have had. I lived in the East many years ago and when it snowed I was the only one to brave the roads.

Climate change?!

I know some people believe that climate change is killing us due to human activity. Looking back thousands of years to Bible times and the destruction of the dinosaurs before that. No humans then, and even further back to Adam and Eve. A lush garden, disobedient man, when sin entered the world, the Garden of Eden died after that. In 2018 the same area is a dessert, did humans cause that? A world that shifts and changes every year is not caused by humans but by nature itself, shifting. The Bible tells us that the earth groans because of the nature of it. There are earthquakes under the sea that cause tsunamis’ that whip out whole islands causing catastrophes. The bergs are melt and raising the sea level is a myth. They have always done that.

Volcanoes erupt and wipe out cities. When Mount St. Helens erupted the ash spread across the nation causing climate change, humans were killed in that, they didn’t cause it. The Calderon in Yellowstone National Park is waiting to explode.  Now I know that satellite technology has greatly improved, they are constantly watching our own Earth. It shows patterns in the ocean movements that are natural from deep within the seas that raising havoc around the world. How is humanity involved in this? I have watched fascinating stories on documentary and heard the stories that debunk the myth of climate control.

Some people make money from this environmental scam, I sure get tired of it. There is nothing wrong with recycling whatever we can, but it has little to do with the environment but more to do with conservation. I knew a lady one time who would save every bit of tin foil because it was conservation, excuse me, tin foil is cheap and still being sold and used, that lady was some 45 years ago. Yes, I would like to see less air pollution from cars and smoke stacks because pollution does cause physical problems and hurts the eyes.

Who amongst you can afford to buy the latest cars that solve the problem? Now electric cars are a clever idea and practical, but I won’t go near those that with no driver and are self-parking, no way. You want to build a house with wood, the lumber must come from someplace, doesn’t it? The human consumption of a variety of materials is high and demands much from the earth. Tell me what does not cause damage to the earth. Stopping consumption is not going to happen. Going green is a joke, the average human being won’t go along with it. Well then get rid of humans, oh my, did I say that? I am one. Oh, that’s right we abort the next generation, and many don’t mind that, from what I hear.

Since we really don’t control our surroundings we have to deal with them. Try not living in places that are known for storm problems. I know for a fact that stretch of area between Fargo North Dakota all the water down to Watertown Minnesota has a very specific path for storms. I found out the hard way, a storm followed me from Fargo, North Dakota all the way to Watertown, Mn, one summer and I got drenched trying to dodge it all the way. If you can’t escape, then deal with it. Like I said Minnesota is known as the tornado alley of the north. Southern states know all about this problem off disaster quiet often. Where can you live without the threat, possibly underground? The flooding problem is difficult to deal with, if a road looks watery it probably is. I got it hit with a wall of water because I was not paying close enough attention. That car was sitting there for a reason, maybe that same reason I got stopped. Don’t attempt to drive on flooded road you probably won’t survive.

The snow problem will not go away anytime soon, Minnesota has not had much snow the last few years, which is neither good nor bad. North Dakota got mountains of snow last year, I felt for them. There are fewer trees there and the snow really causes problem rushing along the plains. Blizzards are fierce all the time, I Grew up there and hated winter in North Dakota even though I love North Dakota but not in the Winter. They get so much snow it can cover your home. They are accustomed to it, I know from personal experience.

Enjoy your Summer but watch out for tornado clouds and heavy rain. I was foolish to sit for me to stay and watch that tornado come over my home. I should have gone to the basement. The city was covered with fallen trees everywhere. It was sad to see how many valuable trees gone.

In the Winter if you have driveway you need to have a snow blower for that stuff. Put extra weight in your car and walk carefully. I solved the whole problem recently, I live in an apartment building with no maintenance for me to do.


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