Gods gift to man Part 9

God and Adam were taking in the Garden of Eden.

Adam said to God “How come you made Eve so stunning. That smile, that beautiful hair, how she moves?” his eyes blinked in wonder.

God said, “So you would pay attention to and be attracted to her.”

“then” Adam continued,”How come you made her so charming and smell so good?”

“So you would love her,” Said God

“That makes sense to, because I sure do love her” Said Adam still pondered one more question.”The how come you made her so dumb?”

“Oh Adam, really!” God chuckled. “that’s easy, so she would love you”

Females are wonderful gifts from Almighty God that are not dumb. He gave them to us procreation and companionship. We definitely have our differences in thinking and habits but without them, we are somewhat lost.

When I encountered this silly of idea of writing a romance novel or short story about females from a mans point of view, it blew me away. I realized I had known almost 40 woman in my now 68 years. Most of them walked away in a short period of time and two of them stayed as wonder wives. What is the common thread the keeps us together or drives us apart. In the long run of this series you meet both close friends, actual girlfriends, a beloved niece, two wives and my very charming daughters-in-law. All have touched my life in some way.



I had often attended a local christian serviceman’s in the military where I enjoyed off work friendships with many men and woman. One weekend two very attractive woman came to visit and I was immediately taken in by Tracey. We sat and talked for hours, she had stunningĀ  strawberry blond hair and deep blue eyes. Her smile was kind and thoughtful, the next day we had a double date at the beach, she needed a sun hat so I bought her one, it was wonderful day with her. Later that day back at the center, some other guy approached her and asked her out, I didn’t say anything, she know she came with me and this was a date. She started talking with him and playing a different game with him. I left the room angry and watched them as they left the room hand in hand. Never saw her again.

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