Gods gift to men Part 10

God and Adam were talking in the Garden of Eden
Adam said to God “How come you made Eve so stunning? That smile, that beautiful hair. how she moves?” His eyes blinked in wonder.
“Well Adam,” God responded “So you would be attracted to her”
“Oh, I certainly am,” Adam went on. “Then how come you made her so charming, she is much fun and smells so good?”
“Adam, really?” God smiled. “So you would love her, as your center of attention.”
“Okay God,” Adam reluctantly went on.”Then why did you make her so dumb?
“Adam, my only man,” God chuckled. “So she would love you.”
Females are a gift from Almighty God and they are not dumb. He gave them to us for reasons of procreation and companionship. We have major differences in thinking and habits but without them men are kind of lost. When I initially thought about writing a novel about females or even a short story from a mans point of view, I was blown away and realized in my 68 years of life I had known 40 wonderful ladies. Most of them walked away within a few days or months, two stayed as my wife. But what is the common thread that keeps us together or tears us apart.

I was coming off leave from the Navy and met a few friends of mine flying back to the naval base. It delight to see them away from pressures of military life. One was a girl I was acquainted with, she had a new friend with her, introduced as Barbara. We sat and talked together the entire trip, having a wonderful time. She had long hair and looked nice, but nothing outstanding, just pleasant. I was not tied to anybody and got her phone number and when I got the opportunity we had a date at her home on the beach. Apparently she was quite popular because another guy showed up, I got into debate with him about my faith and then Barbara and I went for nice walk on the beach. We dated for awhile but I was kind of uncomfortable with our talks. She wanted to talk about interpreting dreams, they were important to her, she was a member of the association of Research and Enlightenment.
I went to the cruise again and wrote her a long letter explaining my relationship with Christ, she never responded. I called her when I got back and learned she had gotten engaged to the guy who hung around the house when I was there. I walked away from that quite easily.


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