The New Scam

Guys, ever get a messenger text from a beautiful woman who says sweet things to you? She will tell you how handsome you are and wonderful guy you are? Just for fun I asked two of them too marry me, they both said yes and started blowing kisses at me. They both knew I was married and still am. They eagerly sent me many photos of them selves. They both came from Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. 

Having fun with these very attractive woman is no big deal until they ask for money then it goes south on you. Why would I send money to someone I don’t know? I faked trying hard to give my new lovers the money they requested, it wasn’t that much to begin with, no big deal there. The clincher is this, when I allegedly failed trying to give the money to them, they get really angry and leave. One actually wanted my checking account information to send me money. She claimed she was selling properties in Nigerian oilfields, that actually existed by inheritance, for 50 million dollars and she would share that with me, her husband.  The company actually existed, but would you sell property you own worth more than 50 million. She never answered that.

The other one was from Iowa and wanted money right away. No flirting just money, she wanted 50 dollars for phone time and then offered sex in return. She would come to my area for the sex. I told her use the money from traveling here and buy your own phone time. Tragically interesting, somewhat alluring, but down right stupid. Funny, now they are all gone, onto the next potential victim, I would guess.


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