How are you feeling today?

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Did you stay up late last night? Why did you? Was it the baby keeping you awake or out late with friends or just hanging out at the bar and now a headache. I know, you were binge watching on Netflix, weren’t you? When did you actually get to bed and fall asleep after a busy on your job.?  Now your boss notices your head bobbing up and down trying to stay awake on the job.

Parenting is not for cowards

If you are full- time Mom, only kind there is, no doubt baby cries a lot, and you have that natural tendency to comfort them 24 hours a day.  I have that experience my self when my children were babies. I thought I would never get the sleep I needed. Feeding that little guy ever couple hours was hard, and I’m the dad.  My wife and I took turns for many years so one of us could sleep and after third wonderful son was born, no more children. We do have three fantastic young men in our lives that were worth the effort. Even now they ask us now how we did it, since they have their own babies now. It is called love of our own and a lot of hard work.  

Bad sleeping habits has serious effects

Now for the next part of my thoughts, you can’t blame any body else for your self for staying up late. Some times it just plain insomnia. Of course, we all need to relax when not working be it, at a busy office or behind the wheel as a driver. You need to get enough sleep to function. For many years, more than I want to think about, my alarm went off at 6 am Monday thru Friday and I could hit the snooze button three times before I dragged my self out of bed. The older you get the harder that is to do. Then of course work stared in 7:30 am to 4 pm at my driving job. That is one job where there were no job breaks and no nodding of at your desk, you are behind the wheel of a killing machine. Come home around 430 pm, have quick supper, get the quick nap then off the to work at another driving job and get home around midnight every night. I was getting sleep deprived and it was making me literally ill. 

None stop things to do 

Too much entertainment, the bar scene and I love to binge watch as well. I want to relax and take my mind off work, I personally don’t go to bars so I don’t know much about that other than they stay open until 1 or 2 am. I distinctly remember after work one night going to a drive thru place for a snack, there were 20 cars lined up to get through at midnight. It took forever to get the order, when I was done and left, there 20 cars still lined up. What are they doing this late at night? Coming home from work or just out of the bar?

300 movies available

Binge watching on your favorite site, either Netflix or Hulu, You Tube, is addictive for sure, but unhealthy. Right now I have 300 plus moves and TV series I can watch on this computer. Best solution is read a book at least it will put you to sleep or just fall asleep in front of the TV. Some movies that are good last so long that you don’t get to sleep until late. The bad habit is eating late. When I did pizza delivery late at night I was always appalled at the customers who ordered large amounts of hot wings at 10 pm. Your stomach is still working while you try to sleep, Your body is not relaxing, you are loosing sleep.

I love my new life

We all dream of the day we retire, for me that was all it was.  To dream the impossible dream, to reach the unreachable stars, sorry I got digress, but it is a fact. Well okay, here it comes now, I am retired at the age of 68, living primarily off social security and little side jobs on the internet. I lost my job due to physical problems, that was the downside. Good part of retirement, I can sleep when I want to sleep and work on the internet jobs when I feel like it. No Alarms at all, ever. The  part is I get really tired around 9 pm every night and wake up around 4 am fully refreshed. I get bored laying there and this is everyday of the week. Here is the craziest part of it, I put in much longer hours doing this so called work, than I did before. I’m on this machine 12 hours a day, and loving it.  A big benefit that I will throw at you, paying bills is the pressure to produce more income, I know I have been there, painfully. So much debt it was awful.  Sell that home, live in an apartment, use the money to pay off bills and live debt free! Do it! I have never felt better in my life. While you are at it look at my other article on a good nights sleep is so important.

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