Gods amazing grace

A dear friend of mine, actually my god daughter,  recently said to me: I am torn between wicca and Jesus, I have never seen Jesus. I told her I never have either, but I know He is there, I don’t see the wind either, but it is there with plenty of evidence.

I was born into a Christian home and Accepted Christ at the age of 13, I didn’t want to go to hell. I accepted eternal life by Faith in Christ, I have never seen His face but I have seen Him at work constantly and I will tell what I have seen.

Pornography is evil

One of the first times I saw evidence of Christ in my life was when I went to a porn movie, I really didn’t know it was a porn move until saw I how plot less and stupid it was. God said, don’t do that again, I didn’t do it again.  I will admit I recently I saw FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, stupid movie again, I didn’t see porn in that and I must give credit to those who wrote it though, in the end, the young woman left the tyrant and said she would no longer be used in such a way with his insane pleasure.

God provided schooling for me

The second time I had just boarded a naval ship to serve duty there and mentioned to some one that I wanted to be photographer in the Navy. The next day I was assigned to the deck force, that was common thing to do, but a nasty, low life job. I was there on the deck for maybe a half hour at the most, when a Navy officer took me with him and put me in the ships photo lab. God did that and I know He did, months later I went to a photography school, I was not qualified for the school but highly recommended and I did very well. God did that too. I was supposed to be a ship service men, whatever that was, I really don’t know.

I then became a photographer at the Naval station Photo lab, God did that too.  I take no credit for any of it. After a couple of weeks serving there. God spoke to me in a big way, he wanted me to be to serve Him full- time. Some how I found an ad about the Christian Service Corp in Washington D.C and on a weekend went there. I signed up with a promise to return. While there I met up with a beautiful woman who became an instant friend. She had a never-ending smile, sparkling eyes, long gorgeous hair and glowed with the love of Christ in her life, I had never seen this before. We had both grown up in the Midwest States. On the way back from my visit to D.C. I ran out of gas on the freeway, stood there for while when a car stopped and very nice man came up to me, I explained by my situation. He took to a gas state and paid for the gas and can to carry it in. I did have money very little. I offered it to him, he refused, took me back to car and handed me dollars and quarters. I went to start the car and went to back of the car to thank him for generosity, he was gone, no car in sight, he had disappeared. Was that an angel or what? I got home with money for a meal as well I was praising God the rest of the evening.

Christian servicemen’s center was home

The next showing of God was a little trip to the Christian service mans Center in the city I was stationed. I had been there a couple of times but found transportation connections difficult every time. I remember laying in my bunk on the ship talking to God about going again, I didn’t want the hassle of getting there. JUST GO He kept saying to me I will get there much easier. Okay, if the connections are good I will go, but if they are not I will turn back. Much to my surprise all connections were perfect. I went and enjoyed fellowship that evening. I often spent weekends with great guys and gals.  A minister there really touched my life with his teachings about Gods love for me. One weekend I really gave my life to Jesus, my Lord and Savior. There is a difference between just Savior and Lord. When I say Lord, Jesus become the CEO of my life. I would live for Him and nobody else. I was the on call duty photographer, one night in the naval base photo lab and had my BIBLE with me I got deeply engrossed in the reading that it actually came to life surrounding me with love, joy and great peace. I didn’t Jesus face,  but I knew He was there. I will never forget that night and now I’m 68 years old.

Persecution in the Military

I went on the  year-long cruise on the USS Forestall to the Middle East, it was my last year in the USN. I didn’t hesitate to share my Jesus. Notice, I didn’t say my faith, everybody has faith in something, Jesus is a personal relationship. I don’t see Him with my eyes but with my soul, He is very clear to true Christians. A  new crew member I didn’t know actually came up to me and said: don’t tell me about Jesus, I don’t want to know anything. I apparently had a reputation for sharing that was very strong. The most vivid event was someone had drawn an illustration of the Trinity on our chalkboard that what was  pretty much pornographic, I was hurt and offended. That was erased by the our lab leader quickly, the next day some one wrote GOD IS DEAD, I was hurt again but this time I added, IF GOD IS DEAD WHO IS THIS LIVING IN MY SOUL. That sign lasted for a week, It was seen by all. Jesus won that battle. He always does!

Trip to Jerusalem

While being near the middle east I had the wonderful privilege of touring Jerusalem and much of Israel. I was an absolute thrilled to walk where my Jesus walked, I could feel the presence of God the whole time. I was stunned when a fellow tourist asked me to baptize her in the Jordan River, I am not ordained and a pastor was present. What was Jesus doing in my life, I don’t know but I was enjoying it immensely. Another event that surprised me even more, I was taking pictures at the sight of Jesus burial or so they called it that, there are several in Israel, when my flash gun quite. I didn’t know what to do, I  wanted that last shot in fairly dark place. A man wearing robes noticed my struggle and motioned me to come, I thought I was in trouble. He opened a drawer on the altar of all things and gave me a flash lamp, God provision for the moment. What was that  flash lamp doing there? I concluded with the Scripture, the spirit is willing, but the flash was weak.

Jesus was in the middle of a mistake

The amazing Jesus just keeps showing up. The ship was stationed in Greece and I enjoyed a great time in Athens with some wonderful people I met who spoke good English and were very nice to me. One was a man who asked to go the Navy Exchange for him and purchase a variety of items for him, he let me stay with him when on shore anytime I wanted to. The whole process was easy and fun. I even bought a TV for him. That was a naive mistake. When I came back from Israel I was asked to produce the TV set. Obviously I couldn’t I had given it away. I faced the military court for black marketing, the illegal buying of goods for civilians. That was bad news for me. I went to the military court and told the truth about the man. They knew who he was and knew I had been conned, charges were dismissed,  when the event was done my highest officer told the entire division how proud he was of my performance at the court. I was stunned at the thought and knew that Jesus stepped in. At the end of my military life I still received an honorable discharge.

Gods provision when needed

I was flown back to the states to arrive In Washington D C to be discharged. I was told that I was to report to the nearby base to work there for two weeks before final closing for me. I was told that they, at the base would work me to clean latrines, such a comforting thought. If you recall those early trips to the Christian Service I had met a wonder full young woman I started to date before I left and had kept in touch with her the whole time overseas and had wonderful reunion with her, then reported for duty. Much to my shock I was asked if I had a place stay in the city. I sure did, the Christian service Corps headquarters, my new girl friend was there. Jesus stepped in again. I joyfully stayed there for two weeks, was treated very well with free meals, a place to stay while I worked around the place doing what I could and of course the joy of being with the sweetest girl I had ever meet. Many years later we were married.

Jesus never fails to surprise

I finally back home to my parents and farm. I didn’t want to work for a while, I had given a nice chunk money on discharge when I realized and I just wanted freedom and got it. While at home the North Dakota government started giving me a large amount per month as a gift for service during the Vietnam Conflict. I didn’t need to work. I actually helped my dad in his auto body shop for something to do. I called my girl friend every day.

Jesus used me to help others

I raised support to return to the Christian Service Corps. I didn’t tell them about my girlfriend there, it wasn’t important.  I finally got back to my girlfriend and was assigned to be the photographer for the Corps or more or less a helper in the organization. The pay was very low but I knew it would be. Much to my surprise I got more money from the state of North Dakota, I put the cash in my room for my needs that would arise. Thank you to the Jesus  I don’t see,  but know He is there. A couple of weeks a later a couple in training needed more money to go their mission field. They left a can out to whomever could help. I had plenty and gave it to them, they didn’t know it was me. The Corps provided food and shelter for us and gave 25 dollars a month for spending money.

I write prayer fully knowing Jesus is there 

I could go one and one endlessly, but I won’t. Today March 18, 2018, the day when Jesus gave me the old and yet new job of writing with His blessing. What is the secret to success with Jesus, simple prayer of saying I want You, Jesus to be my Lord of my life. I talk to Him every day in a simple prayer and He talks to me in ways that unknown to non- Christians. He has brought me and my family thru the second worst thing in my life, the broken ankle misery,  and keeps loving me. This years Easter celebration will be very special, I have very different home, I make a living a whole different way of working and I can walk quite well again with the help of a cane when outside.

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