More on scammers

Sometime ago a woman who said she was from Facebook, said I had won an award of 500,000 and wanted to send it to me. I would love to have it, there was a catch, I would have to send her 300 dollars to guarantee safe delivery. I told her send it fedex I will pay the 15.00 charge and sign for it. She demanded 300.00 for the legal fee. I told her a flat no way. Evan if I had I would not do it.  She returned week after week to ask why I did not want the prize. I asked for credentials, they appeared phony.  I told her just leave me alone about this so-called prize, took months to get her out of my life.

Scammers tap into family groups

Another one happened recently, my cousin asked me if I got my money yet. I was given the text number to contact this person because I was on a list to receive 100,000 in a check delivered to my door. Great send it, I responded. But I had to send him 1,000 first. Something started to smell. I asked this person if my Cousin was dumb enough to send you a thousand  dollars for this prize. Oh, this person said and she consulted a lawyer first to seek counsel. I know my cousin would do no such thing. I asked several questions only real cousin would know, this person got them all wrong. He confessed he was lying about the about the whole thing. I have no idea where he came from but he tapped into my family group and stole my cousins face to do it.  I checked facebook with my cousin and I saw where someone really did steal her image and was using it.

Dear valued readers Be Aware of SCAMMERS. My niece in Japan and I just had this long messenger discussing to-day about this. A lot of them from AFRICA. They must think we are very naive to go along with this.

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