The joke was on me

I was a very young man, still living at home, with my first car. I would park the car next to my dads auto body shop on the farm. I wanted to keep it out the way so he could  move his cars around when needed. I came and went a lot, going to work or just leaving for town. One particular afternoon I jumped in the car and started it up, put it in gear and was ready to go, my wheel spun and I was not moving. I tried ago again, the wheels spun, I was not moving, I could hear them whining. What is going on, I yelled out the window, nobody nearby said a word. Somethings wrong with my car, is the transmission  going out, but the wheels are spinning. I went to get my Dad and the one helper near me started laughing his head off, he almost fell over. What is so funny I screamed, I have to leave, my car won’t move. He walked over to the car and reached underneath, there was a jack under the car raised just high enough that the car would not move, just the wheels would spin. AARRHHH!

One I rotated my tires in my dads auto body shop on his hoist, how  hard can that be. I drove ward town but noticed the ride was really rough all the way to town. I went to a friend of my father to see what he could find. He put it his hoist and looked perplexed and went to the phone to call my dad. It took him a few minutes, he then called my to the phone, my dad was on the phone telling that when I put the tires on during rotation I put the nuts on backward, they don’t seat when put on backward. I learned a simple lesson the hard way.

I drove the car to town one day and noticed it was getting very hot, smoke was coming out from the hood. I stopped the car on the very quiet road and looked under the engine to try to find the dip stick, it should no oil at all. This was very much pre cell phone years, and in the middle of the country, miles from home. I drove the car home and completely fried the engine. Dad was not happy, I had to pay the bill for a new engine.

You would have thought I learned my lesson about oil in the engine, well here goes again. As a delivery driver doing hundreds of miles per day, I should have changed the oil every 3000 miles but would put off sometimes to 15000 per change. My car didn’t agree with that at 400,000 miles on the car it gave out on a quiet road with a package in my car. The car was towed home. The timing change broke, oil starved. The car was junked beyond repair. We used the money from scrapping the car to pay for a very expense tow.

Now, I’m oil change freak, maybe too much. Now I go by 3 month not miles. We went to change the oil a few days ago and it was pointed out to the oil should be changed April, 10 2018 not March 10. embarrassed again.


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