American population is shifting

The American population is growing

Immigration, the major influx of people from foreign countries, is a growing problem, this is debatable by both sides of the isle of politics. There is certainly concerns over these war weary people who are just wanting to survive. It is a calamity of unknown proportions that needs to be addressed. The balance of the majority of race is shifted toward these illegals, they are non whites, there should be no real concern of whose race is in charge. How many of these are actually our enemy?

Whites are becoming the minority

We have known for many years that a White population is shrinking mostly because the rate their babies of minorities were growing. Whites are having few children because Obama care does not support it very well. Abortion was much to easy to get. Cause of the last many years of the Obama mess has made living expenses very difficult. Our White families are getting fewer. The so called minority families are growing because of the welfare they receive. Poor people have been encouraged to have more children to receive more benefits.

I delivered pizza products for many years, the most common customer was a black family ordering a lot of food with no tip. It was known that delivery pizza was know as a poor peoples food. The better customers were Asian, they almost always tipped. White people always tipped big. Apartment dwellers didn’t tip, home dwellers always tipped.

Human beings have basic needs

Every person on the face of the earth has basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. There is not such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for it. The tax payers do that and who are the tax payers, you are. And with the influx of illegals we are paying for what they didn’t earn. I personally had to work hard for 50 years so I could retire and not in live luxury either. I live in an a nice apartment for sure but can’t afford to do anything but work constantly at home. I had to sell my home to pay my bills. I have to work at small jobs just to be able to eat decently, it is easy work that I do, but I can probably never stop working. I was injured and can’t work anymore than what I do. The social security my wife and I get only covers the cost of being here. It is senior retirement home where we are comfortable.

I have heard that the illegals are taking the jobs that our baby boomers are leaving behind. The aging population is retiring and downsizing, well I someone has to do the work. When I went back to the store that I left, I found all young minorities working there. But then again it was normal for that the business, it has the revolving door type of work. Easy job to get and easy to leave.


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