Gods gift to Men part 14

God and Adam were talking the Garden of Eden

Adam said to God. “How come you made Eve so stunning, that smile, that long flowing hair, how she moves.” His eyes blinked in wonder.

God said. “Why Adam that would be, so you would make attention her and would be attracted to her.”

“Oh, I am that, then how come you made her so charming and so much fun to be with and smell so sweet.” Adam responded.

“Very simple my only man” God smiled “you would love her and be devoted to taking care of her.”

“Makes sense to me.” Adam was still puzzled. “Then how come you made her so…. dumb.”

“Oh Adam.” God chuckled. “that is easy, I wanted her to love you too.”


Females are a gift from our Almighty God and they are not dumb. He gave them to us for procreation and as a companion. We do have our differences for sure in thinking and many habits but without females, we are empty and lost.

When I originally played with the idea of writing a romance novel or short story from a mans point of view, it blew me away. I realized I had known probably 34 females in my life at one time or another in my past 60 plus years. Most of them walked away quickly some last a few months, two of them I was married to. But common thread that us together and occasionally drives us apart? Here are the first names of both close friends, actual girlfriends, very dear niece, two wives that have touched my life in some way that I have not forgotten them.


I met Cindy on the first time in Washington, D.C at the Christian Service Corps. I was taking someone to the airport and she got in the car as well, just for the ride. She got my attention fast. She was radiant, warm, charming, and beautiful, with very long dark hair and smile that never quite. When I went back the second time just to see her again, that  smile greeted me again and we went for a walk, we actually held hands, in my case it was love at first sight, I wanted her to be my girlfriend. As far as I was concerned the search stopped here. We were happy together, I got a nice kiss from her as I had to leave for a year on a long navy cruise. I was deeply touched as the ship left the port, a letter came from her that was very loving and to my amazement another letter came from another girl I knew back home as well, just as warm and loving. Two girl friends the same day, my mind reeled with confusion and excitement, did I finally find my real girlfriend.

Was she really right for me

The year-long cruise had its own adventures, finally got back to Washington again, to be warmly greeted by my girlfriend. I have to admit my confusion, after all the mishaps with females, which woman was right for me? Cindy or the other one, you will meet the other on the next writing, so hold on. I decided that the woman was nicest to me and showed me the most interest, I would hope to marry. They were both really great.

I was really in love this time

Cindy made me feel wonderful all the time, we kissed often, held hands constantly and I felt very good about her, she was a real girlfriend that I cherished immediately. How would the other girl be better than this Amazing woman. I was in love and seemed she was too.

I went home to see the other one, to my amazement, nothing happened between us. I was with her a lot, I never kissed her, we went on double date but I felt no real love from her at all. A good friend for sure but not a girl friend at all. I was eager to get back to my girlfriend, but first I had to raise support to be a worker in at Christian Service corps.
I talked to my girl every day by phone and missed her so much.

Cindy was hesitant about marriage

I finally arrived there months later and went to open arms and warm kisses.  Then she announced that two years of service would be over soon, that hurt. I couldn’t lose her. We spent all of out free time together. The president of the Corps even gave me money from his own pocket to date her, People encouraged us to be that couple, we had devotions every day in my room. We were doing spectacular, I was sure she was the one. I popped the question of marriage, we were right for each other and we both knew it, yet she was hesitant. I found out she was on the rebound from another guy who made great promises and then backed out. She was afraid of getting hurt again. I promised I would never do that to her, how I could go wrong with this woman who radiated in so many ways the love of Christ in her life all the time.

She did go home 8 month later and left me with a broken heart, but she did promise to keep in touch and we did. I got so home sick without her wanted to leave. The Corps was not doing well in many ways, they were failing, I was shifting jobs all the time and was getting more upset all the time. Didn’t God call me hear? What was wrong? After much struggle I decided to go home, I really did miss my girlfriend so much, that it hurt.

Valentines day visit

She was going to school in New Hope, Minnesota, I had no idea where that was, but got a ride there and we embraced warmly and kissed deeply, it was Valentines day. I gave her my card and she gave me hers. I looked at the card and was stunned, was this a joke? I just her this card, did she give it back to me? What was this about? I turned out we gave each other the same card. Out the 8000 cards produced that year we traded the same card. It said YOU HOLD THE KEY TO MY HEART. More evidence that she was perfect for me. I went home defeated about leaving the Corps but determined to be with my girl.  We agreed wholeheartedly that we wanted to be married. After a few months at home in North Dakota I returned to Minneapolis to be with her.

Minneapolis and married life then...

About 6 months after I arrived and got settled in Minneapolis, we were married. Married life was wonderful every day. God blessed me everyday with this gorgeous woman in my life. Her family was always fun to be with, may family was crazy about her. Her smile was always there matter what happened, I loved that smile, I loved that woman.

Then she got pregnant, our first child was on the way after four years of marital bliss. The day of baby delivery became the end of a joyous life. She passed away after she delivered first-born son, amniotic fluid embolism, I was stunned and confused for a long time, when I saw her body in the casket for the first time after death I was shocked, her smile was missing, that was her life, her glorious smile. I wasn’t sure it was her, others noticed it too. I had a new-born son but no wife. I stood at the grave site near her home town days later and said good-bye to her, the love of my life. I could only assume God wanted this precious angel back in heaven with Him, I will never fully understand why God did it, but I love my Lord Jesus no matter what He does in my life.



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