From God fearing to God hating

From God fearing to God hating

George Washington was on his knees, praying at Valley Forge, he relied on God as a Christian man. This America was founded by God fearing leadership. Immigrants at that time came to America to flee persecution from other countries. The pilgrims came to escape the rule of the godless kings. Prayer was the first thing on pilgrims minds and has been down thru the ages, they had a personal relationship with Jesus that kept the nation strong.

When I was young man of 15 the church doors were as common place to go once a week. Playing outside with other kids was common as well. There were no video games, even TV had very little on it. Would you believe Romper Room was the in thing? Cartoons were actually funny then. Three channels were enough to keep us entertained, life was peaceful, quiet and very safe. There was no such thing as school shooting or guns being used for anything except hunting. Fights were common then by bullies, I had my share of the bullies.

Bad change came slowly

I’m not sure when the change came, but seems the world did change when JFK was assassinated, was I paying more attention after that or not? Then the Vietnam Conflict began and I joined Uncle Sam Navy and was exposed to filth. Was it me that fought the filth I was exposed or was the filth growing. Then Watergate too place as well, a corrupt Republican, of all things. I am a registered Republican, that was embarrassing. Obviously secularism was getting stronger, anti God movements were not on TV yet at that time. It was also obvious if I didn’t use Weed and go to drinking parties I was not included in anything.

Then the violence came on fast

Then a new event started up, two young men exposed to violet videos killed a number of youths at Columbine High School. These students were killed if they confessed to their belief in God. Hollywood is mocking God on a regular basis in their movies and whenever they want and now on their award shows. Seems strange that during the BUSH years of presidency we were kind of at peace, except at 911. That was an attack by radical Muslims. Then we discovered this new enemy that was out to destroy us a so called Christian nations. The hatred to toward God was blossoming, the nations was weakening toward Godlessness. Pray was taken out schools, it might offend someone. That ban offends me! Political correctness was growing taking over our government and society. Yes, the gospel is offensive, it is about turning away from sin and toward Jesus. School shootings are so common now that are demanding that teachers should have guns and that an armed guard should be handy. Kids are scared and demanding something be done. I can understand the fear. And just today a bomber was caught in Austin, Texas killing many with just a package being placed.

President Obama never showed concern over anything during eight years in office. He actually decorated the White House when the LBGT movement won the right marry in the supreme court, a Godless abominations by it self. He didn’t do anything to protect our country. For sometime now many groups are wanting to destroy anything that says IN GOD WE TRUST. This is now the God hating moment of Freedom From Religion.

President Trump was elected because Hillary would have made it even worse. Some say that Trumps election caused the major problems, rather it exposed the corruption of the Obama years. I’m sorry to say that trying to turn this country around to a God fearing nation again is and will be a very a difficult task. The most disgust thing is the Joy Behar comment of THE VIEW. She is accusing half of the population in the US, that talking to Jesus is a mental disorder! The are keeping her on the set, her apology was not an apology at all. She was forced to say that and it was weak. I pray every day for our president an his tough job.

On the plus side out churches are growing with the Mighty Word of God. There is one mega church alone has 24000 in attendance every Sunday and even more online watching. God Bless America , we need His Grace and Might to over come this hatred.

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