Jesus Christ Superstar!?


I saw the movie Jesus Christ Superstar many years ago and was appalled at the portrayal of Jesus, the musical, it was just wrong. It will soon by shown again on TV on Easter Sunday. This is just wrong. It portrays my King of Kings as a weakling and out of control.

I will agree that the music is powerful and haunting in every scene, I can understand the ideas behind it very well. It is the point of view of his disciples, they are confused about who He is and why does what he does. Judas was of the opinion that Jesus came to over throw the Romans, when Jesus didn’t do that he betrayed Jesus and then hung himself. Many of the people who Jesus felt the same, since Jesus did not intend to throw the evil Romans, they wanted him gone as well, especially since He declared Himself the Son of God. Jesus appeared to be a man by all accounts and was a man, but yet God Himself. He was God in the flesh, not a superstar.

He is portrayed as over whelmed by the suffering of the crowed, he was not overwhelmed by the crowd, Jesus loved the crowd and came to die in their place. My Jesus and millions of other true Christians should observe Easter without watching this movie. We know why Jesus came and know the power of his Resurrection, we don’t mock it as the movie does.

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