Power struggles are never ending

Power struggles

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, he also created a most beautiful creator to be with Him. Lucifer was his highest angel, he was given great power and matchless charm, but Lucifer was not satisfied with this, he wanted to be God. He wanted all the power glory that God is. God saw this horrible jealousy and cast him to earth. Satan has been warring with God ever since and uses the man God created to war against God, hoping to defeat Him.

Bible times had their share

Down thru the ages that struggle continues, Cain killed Abel in a power struggle for Gods attention, it ended up in Abel’s death by beating. The power struggle between Jacob and Esau, Abraham sons resulted in the blessing that gave birth to the Nation of Israel. And of course the power struggle between Jesus and the Jews who had the Romans put Jesus to death on the cross. Jesus voluntary laid down his life for salvation against Satan’s power.

Down thru the ages the struggle continues, man against man. Evil men wanted to dominate others to be slaves for them, not only in Europe but world wide. People fled Europe for the new world to avoid the power struggles of the power full Roman Catholic Church which to this day is very anti God, they worship Mary, instead in the great deception. It is Satan’s way of taking our eyes of Jesus the Son of God and onto the mother of Jesus. Many of the early Christians died at the hand of the Romans because they would not deny the power of Jesus, the power struggle was great, as Satan warred on.

America has it struggles for power

The power struggle continued so great that many sought freedom in a new land eventually called America. The Roman Catholic church, the church of England was not about the to let these people get away with it, hence the war continued, and men of God struggled to fight for their freedom in the new country. Thousands died in the fight for freedom from tyranny and the right to worship as we please.

The colony won their freedom from England by the grace of God and might men of God like George Washington, Americas first president. The American people still the celebrate our liberty every year on the fourth of July. But the struggle continued in a thing called slavery, the plantation owners want free labor for their cotton and tobacco fields. They literally kidnapped thousands of black men from African to do the dirty work in the fields. Abraham Lincoln decided slavery was wrong and a war occurred to this struggle of using free labor stolen from another country in a power struggle. Thousands of men died on sides both the of Civil War conflict were slaves were freed to pursue their own lives.

Power struggle with Indians

In the attempt to push West to conquer more land in the now United States of America many family moved west out of crowded eastern cities to pursue their own dreams of freedom. Now I must defend the Indians in their right to keep what they had, it was theirs from from the beginning. White men are not Superior to anyone. Your author is white and happy to know minorities. Indians are mistreated in this country and we must pray for them.

Political and cultural struggles

The most amazing and despicable power struggle that we see just about every day, is the political battle in every country and mostly USA. The battle between Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians , Green Party. All battling for control over how the country is run. Our Nations capital is full of fighting that can be, at times very dangerous. I lived in Washington D C back in the early 70 at that time it was full of prostitutes everywhere and sirens constantly.

The culture war is probably the worst it has ever been and that seems more dangerous than any war. The drug war goes on continually with great horror. Freedom of speech seems to be freedom to insult. Who can dominate who, who can get the last nasty word in there. Insults fly all the time. The power struggle for Christians is as bad as it is ever been, persecution abounds. Democrats fight dirty calling half of America deplorable and mentally ill because we worship God and not the devil. It is obvious the war will never stop, in fact it will get worse. The nation of Islam wants to kill all Americans with their own devil worship.

Where will it end? It will end in the clouds of Glory when Jesus has the final say at his appearing, then every knee shall shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.


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