Gods gift to men part 15

God and Adam were talking in the Garden of Eden

Adam said to God. “How come you made Eve so stunning, that smile, that long flowing hair, how she moves.” His eyes blinked in wonder.

God said. “Why Adam that would be, so you would make attention her and would be attracted to her.”

Oh, I am that, then how come you made her so charming and so much fun to be with and smell so sweet.” Adam responded.

Very simple my only man” God smiled “you would love her and be devoted to taking care of her.”

Makes sense to me.” Adam was still puzzled. “Then how come you made her so…. dumb.”

Oh Adam.” God chuckled. “that is easy, I wanted her to love you too.”

Females are a gift from our Almighty God and they are not dumb. He gave them to us for procreation and as a companion. We do have our differences for sure in thinking and many habits but without females, we are empty and lost.

When I originally played with the idea of writing a romance novel or short story from a mans point of view, it blew me away. I realized I had known probably 34 females in my life at one time or another in my past 60 plus years. Most of them walked away quickly some last a few months, two of them I was married to. But common thread that us together and occasionally drives us apart? Here are the first names of both close friends, actual girlfriends, very dear niece two wives that have touched my life in some way that I have not forgotten them.


I met Janice while I was in DC after Cindy left. Rather short, cuddly looking blond, rather shy. We spent several dates just walking around the Mall in D.C. She was irresistibly sweet with a very tempting smile. She, like many that came to the Corps for training, left for a different state but came back months later much to my surprise. She cornered me one day when I was climbing steps at the residence and we talked about what could have been. She would have made a wonderful girlfriend for sure, I liked her very much, but my first love was Cindy. Many years later my wife and I met Janice and he husband at a public event and learned her and he husband were missionaries in the Philippines. A week later I saw her Fathers name in the newspaper, a very strange name, that she and her husband had been murdered in the Philippians and left her children orphaned and felt very saddened learning this.


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