My boys are my heroes


Three wonderful boys were in my home at the same time, they were very active. It was stress full at times dealing with school work, there were little league activities. But yet great guys, they were usually quit obedient. Feeding five mouths every day kept the wife and I very busy all the time making a living and being a family. When they where old enough, friends were there everyday. Before the computers were put in place, games were played outside most of the time. The back yard was full almost everyday with lots of noise. There school activities during the school year, with plays, conferences, and what not. We had a Minnie Van with lots of room for three active boys, It was different life for either one of us but it was fun to have our kids around all the time. Church events for the boys were every week for all three, we played there all time. One very hot summer night when the air conditioner in the living room quit on us, we all slept in our bedroom with a small window air conditioner. All three slept around us, that was a wonderful time together. I remember the youngest one would sleep in our room constantly, thought that would he never stop that.

Graduation was a change of life

Then came graduation, three cars were eventually added to our driveway they began to take off for college. Oldest was first, he drove to Colorado for at least a year, the middle guy stayed home and went to the school I graduated from. The youngest went to St Cloud State. They were becoming independent and when we were together a lot more fun to be with. As young men not young boys they were intelligent guys. After their college years they have met and exceeded my level of college training. They each at least a Bachelor degree in different fields. I think two of them have two Bachelor degrees.

The first girlfriend

A nice surprised showed up one day, the youngest brought the first girlfriend home. She was awesome we welcomed her warmly, about a year later they were married. She is a great addition our family and then the grandchild came. Well that was one man down or should say on wonderful man out of the house. Two more to go. I playfully called him wonder boy when he did well or blunder boy when he didn’t do well.

The second girlfriend came

Then the second and third guys moved to their own places to live. The house was getting quieter every day. After several years the second son brought home a charming young woman to be with us. After a year of serious dating the got married. This two wonderful young woman to cherish as daughters-in-law. Third son has been gone for many years with no sign any girlfriend. That’s okay, my oldest sister well into 60’s now, got married at the age of 65.

The warehouse effect

As for me and the wife, the house was empty of our beloved boys, but lots of memories linger. They left me a warehouse of the stuff they had no room for. I sure miss my boys, but we talk each day by cell phone. It if fortunately or unfortunately we live off a very restricted income of social security now, we are both retired. We unloaded that warehouse months ago and live a retirement community where we enjoy every day life. It is very quiet here and very comfortable, I try to make extra money all day my small jobs on the internet with low pay. I work longer hours now then when I had a job but say to me you can go home now we don’t need you anymore. I work as much or as little as I want and make some money, no more stress. Just a good nights sleep every night and I should add, if I get sleepy the bed is ten feet away, when I feel like working, the computer is ten feet away.

The Empty nest

We rarely ever see the family anymore since marred life changes things but the phone still works and it is quiet enough now I can write without being disturbed. I call my boys my heroes, I was forced out a job due an injury these men put their lives on hold to make sure we got settled into a new life and keep checking to make sure were are doing well. My youngest has an attachment my computer to help when I get in trouble with programs. The middle son calls every day to make sure are safe. Loosing my job by injury was incredibly stressful for the entire family. Gods real blessing to me is my wife and boys and daughters-in-law. I love them!


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