Protect Our Children!

The March for Life

Our children our deeply troubled by the senseless violence in the schools they attend. They are afraid to go to school. I stand with these kids and horrific violence we hear about all too often. They deserve a quality education but they have hid in fear, it is not just highly disruptive, too many die. It isn’t the fault of the NRA it is the fault of the FBI and police who know these particular people are trouble makers. These those so called watch list are useless. The saying might still be, we can’t arrest them until they commit a crime. Like the immigrant thing, we shouldn’t sent them back unless a crime is commuted.

Crime prevention should go first. These kids deserve protection in school and on the way home, the criminals are killing the very people who need to take care of the older generation. Notice, it isn’t Black Lives matter doing this, it school Kids who are crying for help, and we know their parents are just as concerned about this. I am fortunate my boys are working at there jobs, long out of school.

I feel thankful every day now that Minneapolis, where I reside, has not had this problem yet, we do have neighborhood shootings for sure but no school has suffered. I hope the FBI and other agencies get their act together and put and end to this horror.

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