Angel with an A, not really!


I met Angela for the first time as my manger at a pizza delivery place. She was deeply attractive right away, stunning eyes, cute smile, and looked kind of strange as well, she had these weird tattoos on various places that looked really strange. I thought she was prostitute. In the beginning our relationship she was very sweet and incredibly nice to me for about a month. I approached her one day and said I thought she would make a great wife for someone some day. She looked at me said that would be you when your wife dies. I was stunned.

A fake flirtation

That was beginning of deep flirtation from her. I was a good worker to her and she called me her best friend. That sounded weird for being there for a month. She lived not too far away from the store and always looked forward to coming to work on my shift, she was so sweet and nice to me.

Then started asking for what ever she could get from me. She went on a delivery with me one time just for fun, we had a great time. She looked stunning to me in black lacy outfit. She had to buy phone time, I loved this gal and wanted to show her favor, I bought it for her. It was only a few dollars. She started saying I was her boyfriend, I never believed her, she was living with a guy. I took her to Taco Bell a lot to get her food and she would flirt big all the way. Then she made go alone to get her food.

Dealing with bipolar

She got really mad at me one day at work and that upset me, she admitted she was bipolar. Anger came easy for her, she didn’t care who she hurt nor why. I was often the object of her anger then she would apologize and blow kisses at me. I went along with it then realized what she really was, a manipulator and con artist. I had to go by her apartment on the way to work and agree to take to her work and then home.

She started begging me for rides in the area, I liked being with her until I realized that she was lying about where she was going. An old friend of hers came to the store for food and she would give to him. The he lost his car and she wanted to deliver to him after work. She manipulated this guy to get her rent money every month in return for free food, then I had to deliver it him after work everything.

After a couple of years doing this nonsense I tried to get away from her. Her dual personality was getting to me. I never what to expect from this evil woman.

A complete manipulater

The worst was her begging for me to lease an apartment for her. I did as a friend after only a few months, that went bad. She broke the rules and then she depended on me too much, I wanted her out of that and out my life. She started another job and demanded I take there every day, that job was 20 miles away in the early morning. We agreed on gas money for it. She never paid a dime for anything. When she lied to the general manager two times about being in the hospital and had me do it for her that was the last straw. She finally moved into a hotel and wanted to make sure she didn’t trash the apartment before I dumped her as the worst woman I ever knew. She was no angel, pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside.

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