I started this at the age of 15

I loved to read when I was teenager, TV was still in its infant stages, compared to what it is today. Cell phones were unheard of and video games didn’t exist. I wanted to write like my favorite authors, I can’t remember who they were anymore. So why didn’t I write, I had not idea how to do it, I picked up a camera instead and became professional, I wrote with light. I became an international star with a camera. Then I became an adult I bought a computer. I had a growing family and the photo business slowed down to a halt, my family needed me. I got curios about writing and wrote my autobiography, that was certainly fun at the age of 38. I started writing other articles, to do something at home. My family and friends loved my stories, I thought maybe I should published those.

My first novel

I found this wonderful thing called Worpress, I had no idea what it was nor how to use it. It said to links stories with products to sell. I had no idea what that meant. I then at the age of fifty I wrote my first novel, that was a challenge and very tiring. My first novel THE RUN ,was published just after the horrendous attack on 911 in New York city. The events of that day made my book look very insignificant compared that major disaster. I had one book signing that no one attended.

The camera came back

I gave it up, I was getting nowhere. I picked up the camera again and made a name for myself again, that was when my boys were old enough to take care of themselves. I found my self in the middle of the another event called home foreclosure documentary work. I did thousands of photos of homes being vacated and storm damaged as well. Watching home owners loose their homes was so difficult and hearing their stories was very emotional ever day. That was a job that should not have existed and the pay was lousy too.

I was literally stoppedĀ 

I am getting of older and slowing down.. That’s the stage off life where your mind say lets do it, but your body says, I’m not with you. Then the ultimate horror took place, I did pizza delivery for 5 years straight, fairly good money, but not very safe. One night I fell of some short steps and landed on my ankle and foot. I broke both and had to be off work for 10 very long weeks. I’m still not fully recovered from that nasty event.

Now I can’t do anything but write

We had to sell our home, got out of debt from the sale and got into an apartment. While I was waiting for the internet to be hooked up again, would you believe I started to write again. I tried to do survey work as well on the internet. That is a lousy boring job that does not pay. I am retired and cannot work out side my home but Ihad to do something. My wonderful wife noticed what I was doing, I found my old friend WORDPRESS and started posting some thoughts. She handed my a bunch of paper work that turned out to be the stories I wrote years ago.

After about 20 years of floundering around I am writing again every day and I finally figured out how to use wordpress. I have only been on for a few weeks but I love it. The happy engineers are very helpful with keeping me on track. I want to thank my readers for being there, you make me very happy to part of the 50 million bloggers. I’m getting my share of the crowd. I am fulling a life long dream to be a professional writer and loving it. I think the biggest reason why I’m successful is now I have the time to do it and of course practice makes perfect. I do believe after 68 years of living and tons of experience in life I hope I keep you interested.

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