It hurt to watch my friends leave

I had worked with around her for many years, the wonderful lady stood in front of me with tears in her eyes,

“What is going on” I asked

She replied with her head on my shoulder,”I was just laid off.”

I embraced her tightly, she was a fairly new widow that I come to know as a very dear friend and coworker suddenly in a shrinking business. I trembled and cried with her, she wasn’t just coworker, I loved her as a friend.

“It should have been me and not you.” I cried with her.

There were around 75 people laid off that day, with no real warning at all. These were good hard working people who worked a newspaper.

Suffering newspapers

Advertising revenue was down, no way to make up for it. I worked in the exit part of the company to mournfully watch people I knew walk out the door usually in tears as they had to leave. I was trained in to take my friends job in a different office. I had plenty of job security. I spent two weeks next to my friend loving every minute of it and hating every minute of know I would be hard seeing her leave. I went to several going away parties that next two weeks of ladies and gentlemen who had worked at this place for many years beyond my 10 years.

My ten year anniversary was coming up soon and there was talk of a cake for the tenth celebration. My friends had just had her tenth anniversary two weeks earlier. I abrupt said I dont want your cake, just let me keep my job.

So many people leaving

My boss, my best friend, has been laid off one month earlier and was disturbed to hear of our mutual friend being laid off. My friend and I had gone to lunch often during the years working together and really enjoyed each others company. Our division leader was gone at the time and called in that day and I talked to her. She didn’t seem surprised at all. I as deeply hurt to watch these people go. For the next several month I would have lunch alone and call my friend every day, just to talk.

It resulted in severe loss of income

I got interested in a new job, that had foreclosure inspections full blown. I had been doing some home inspections for months before this happened, got the experience to do the job. There were layoffs every where in the country due to the housing bubble. I was asked to cover my area. I took the job and two weeks later I left the company with my own retirement party. At the last minutes my manager said to me, that I had done the right thing at the right time. I don’t regret the move. Years later the entire building was torn town for a new development, they then moved to half the space having cut at least 50 per cent of the staff. Newspapers all over he country were folding up for the same reason. The new buzz word was: I’m still here, for now.


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