From total brat to wonder woman

My best friend has five daughters, that kept him and his wife busy. They were hard to corral but I had lots of fun with them as little children. I had the 3 boys that were kind of scared of screaming girls. One in particular was a real charmer, Vicky, long brown hair, beautiful eyes and very cute. She obviously liked me a lot because every time I left their home she would be the last in line to hug me goodbye. She was incurably sweet but incurably wild as well. She always clung to me, I loved her as my own.

wild as the wind

I had a weekend driving route around the twin cities, it would 4 hours to drive and when I drove it alone it was very boring. My boys went with on rare occasions but the fun ones were the girls, especially Vicki. She was a cute little kid. Well, she ran away from home several times, on one crazy occasion she ended up in North Dakota, 500 miles away from home. She broke windows in the house and was generally a very reckless teenager.

Some of her worst actions got her jailed, I wondered if I would ever see her again. I missed her cuteness and her smile, I had become their godfather and loved each of them. I missed Vicky a lot and sometimes wanted to visit her in jail, she was so sweet.

Grown up woman

Ten years later I was delivering pizza and noticed the name on one delivery was Vicky, the last name meant nothing to me. I got to the house and was let in. I got the money from the woman and looked twice. I asked her, do we know each other, she screamed, she knew me before I knew who she was. She was my goddaughter Vicki, a grown beautiful woman. We embraced for several minutes with a passionate kiss. It back a long time since we were together, I was excited to see my friend again. I got her phone number and promised to be back.

She lived with her husband and daughter near my store and before work I stopped to see her again. I did stop and visited with my dearest friend and learned much of what happened to her and knew then she needed a job. She a grown woman now and a delight to be with again. I got her job application to fill out and by the end of the year,she was hired. She had worked a the same shop when she was much younger.

I helped her get a job

I was happy to have her with me in the same shop with my other workers. I took her home after work every night when I could, she was great passenger compared to Angela. If you read about Angela in the other story, she was not a nice person, Vicki was and is always sweet. When the store closed and we were all transferred, Vicki went to Maple Grove and I went to Brooklyn Part with the two others girls who were always very rude to me.

My favorite manager

On rare occasion Vicki would come to the new store, she had worked her way to manager position, I loved having my friend as a manager. Eventually, I transferred to a third store because another manager I had was another difficult one. My new staff was very gracious to me and eventually Vicki transferred there as well, working with her in charge was a dream come true. We were happy together and I really noticed then what wonderful woman she was. She became the assistant at the manager, every night I would take her to work and take her home.

It was so much fun being with her, I feared nothing until one night I fell and broke my ankle, I could no longer work with her or even be with her. I called her often and learned she was getting a lot time at several stores. She loved her job and that I helped her get. She was my last manager and I really appreciate her so much. We talk a little everyday. Out side of my wife, Vicki is my best friend and I’m her best friend. I actually have little dates now when she has a day off and it is joy to be with her again.

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