I changed my mind, find out why

I changed my mind about the March for Life in Washington D.C. I no longer stand with them. It was nothing more than a media event. A nation disarmed is nation headed for real trouble. Recently, after further investigation and revue of this event, these kids one stage are trouble makers for themselves. We are all against gun violence, but the leaders acted more like Hitlers youth with raised arm and a fist. One noted a possible swastika on a shirt, they should also be marching for no texting while driving. This kills kids ever day, how about the drugs and binge drinking that kills kid. Oh, I forgot, many years ago that was considered justifiable homicide.

Is arming teachers practical

How is it possible to get that many youth out in one day, I think they had some hired help. Their so called leader didn’t even go to Parkland High. I do hope they arm teachers, at least with a gun handy since the would look scary to carry a gun on the person in an exposed way.

You don’t want cops around?

Then I hear about them communities who don’t want cops coming into their stores, it scares the customers. What is that, I prefer an officer nearby. Some even refused service to military. Are we dealing with drug people? Or the ones said they don’t so many police in the neighborhood. In case you didn’t know this the Police are your first line of defense.

Are these the same people who want to kill cops, then what will they do when they do need police? Is the real reason for keeping our guns. When the Constitution was written to possess guns there was no police force to protect citizens, hence every body had guns, they weren’t pistols but large and award muskets they had reload slowly.

There are no real answer to the problem of violence other than better parental supervision and that doesn’t always work either. When my oldest son was involved in a minor incident and arrested, we parents were ordered to come a training session with him. When asked how we felt about the situation one parent expressed regret that his kids was actually caught breaking the law. He didn’t care about the law itself.

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