Sorry, Mr. President they are good!

Popular brick and mortar shopping

The Mall of America is nestled on about 4 acres of land in Bloomington, Minnesota and it has more shops that I can count with massive an easy access parking spots everywhere. I have been there many time in that past. The shops are very unique and very attractive to thousand of visitors daily. On weekend holidays it is the place to be, completely family friendly and very busy. Prepare to walk a lot. It has given other malls in the twin cities a lot of competition. Some have actually closed. It is located by the airport and gets a lot visitors from all over the world. The place is so large that it could take a couple days to get through it you stopped at every store for 20 minutes shopping.

world leader in marketing and sales

There is another company very widespread, so widespread that it is in every home that has a computer and access to the internet. It is driven by the internet. Thousands of products are available for immediate delivery and they have accurate delivery. They also employe thousands of people all over the world and many times at home as well. I work for them and so does my son. They are killing many small stores in their small towns. The President is very unhappy with the monopoly of this classic giant of retail and other business interests it has. Welcome to the world of Amazon. I work with mechanical turk full time since I retired month ago earning 130 dollars a month. I could earn more but some the surveys are beyond my expertise. I also carry amazon on my website as well other stores, the internet has consumed everything in its path.

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