House life to apartment life

Nasty and nice neighbors


I lived in a wonderful home for 35 years in a fairly quiet neighborhood, crime was fairly low compared to some places. We did have a break in from out the back window, they apparently went thru the house to a side bedroom and stole my sons computer from his room. One night as my wife was leaving for a few minutes she caught several boys stealing bikes from the garage. We installed a security light after that. Our neighbor one side was elderly lady who was friendly at first then turned on us, she thought our garage was built to close to the property line, like we had something to do with the garage being built. At one point in time we decided to put rocks on side of the garage to keep the erosion down, the neighbor complained about it. She wanted flowers planted on that area, she complained about everything there was to complain about which was usually to stupid to believe. She built a fence so she didn’t have deal with us, then when see her coming around the fence to check her fence out to see if we damaged anytime. In other word she was a lunatic. She actually took us to court to complain about our yard. The judge more or less laughed at her. We had three sons playing in our yard. The complaints were endless. We pretty sure she wanted us out of the neighborhood, you could see it in her eyes that she rally hated us. My other neighbor was very kind and I talked to him as often as possible and we even helped other at times. My driveway was hard to deal with since we had to look three ways to leave. A road led directly into the driveway.

No more maintenance


Well, she got her wish, I was injured on the job and can no longer work. We moved into an apartment for seniors, when it was available months later. Our next door neighbor welcomed us immediately with open friendliness. It has taken some time to adapt to our new surroundings, my wife has been in grief over the drastic change losing the house, I am too. She gets out of the apartment more than I do since I have a hard time walking after breaking my ankle. She is always meeting some one new and telling me about them. We are maintenance free with no driveway, there is some competition for a parking spot by the door. When I have gone out the door into the hallway I hardly ever see anyone. It is very quiet almost all the time. Our building is kind of hard to see from the main road so it seems almost private. Our windows face the parking lot, but so far headlight don’t bother us at all. Our apartment is one-fourth the size of our former residence which makes cleaning easy.

Everyone is so friendly and close by

I have gotten out more lately since I can walk better and have been surprised how welcome we are here. Well, I suppose that is because there are mostly widows living here and I am a man and am told I am very attractive. There are few gentlemen as well but they are not as friendly but that will take time.

The big contrast is this, we came from a neighborhood that wasn’t that friendly, we didn’t know anybody all that well to a residence were you can’t avoiding meeting nice folks everywhere. There are 200 hundred people living here. For several weeks many thought she lived alone, I was in my office all the time doing my job. I am getting more involve when I can attend various events and am always welcomed. So now we have a wonderful, comfortable home with nice new neighbors, a library and pool. Being there is a locked outside door and only one door to get into may apartment, there is a picture window with two side screens, we do think security should be good. There are very few people who actually come in our particular door. My wife would notice anyone different.


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