Vast lane-Fast lane-no lane

I grew up on the dirt roads of North Dakota where there was no speed limit that I can recall, just a lot dirt and dust that made the back end of the car very dirty. There was the occasional gravel road that would spray under your car and take paint chips with it. Here and there an actual paved road where it was peaceful and quiet with flat land surroundings and you see the horizon pretty easily. There was rare traffic, the person com

ing toward you would put one finger up for a moment and you would respond in kind. It was known as the country wave of every one who lived on that local. I loved the vast lane it peaceful and almost all the time. It was fun driving by fields of corn and wheat and other farms along with cattle and horses.

The Fast Lane

Then came the move to a metropolitan area, a whole different experience. All roads are paved, some actually have grooves in the road to keep you awake. There is defiantly a lot more traffic, seems like 24 hours a day. Trucks screaming by with massive loads and one awful noise, cars were usually quiet, but too many of them. Seems you’re fighting constantly to maintain a good position. If you stuck in the slow lane, it is boring and somewhat dangerous with really slow moving traffic, especially trucks that were not moving fast. The Fast lane was the best, if you can handle it. Very high speed with cars and trucks weaving in and out constantly. Rush hour could be crazy with a crowded road well packed and hardly moving. I think the term rush hour came from rushing to get on the road and then sit in traffic for an extended amount of time.

City driving is very different

I was a courier driver for many years moving from one end of cities to the other. I noticed that after around nine am, the traffic would get better because the folks were at their jobs, after three pm the traffic would go crazy again. I learned that it was best to stay in the middle lane for the simple reason those merging from the ramp will force there way over and if you to get off the freeway you are closer to that ramp. Side streets aren’t much better, be in the correct lane at all times or you will miss your turn. If someone did put their finger up to you, it wouldn’t be nice gesture.

Saturday and Sunday traffic are weird, you would think that since the most of the workers are home but they go out when they feel like it. What is rally strange, there is constant traffic all the time. Are there that many retired people running or on vacation or what? Notice how I have spent more time on the fast lane than the vast lane. City driving is much more complicated. I knew some folk who still live in the country would not drive in the city and I don’t blame them.

Desk work is quiet

And now for the major change in my life, I sit at a desk all day long either writing or other jobs on the internet. There are no lanes, no trucks, just peace and quiet and my radio. You have to pay attention in traffic very closely, at my desk you take a nap when you want to.


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