This is outrageous!

I lived with debt from credit card for many years and quite frankly, it was a pain. It gets very dangerous to live like that. This debt sucks the life out you. At the present time the population is stuck in a one trillion in debt, this awful high. The credit companies have preyed on the weak, we want and don’t have the cash for it. That big screen TV is really nice, that camera would come handy of course the latest iPhone wants to be in my pocket.

Downsize your home

When I sold my home to down size I paid off all my bills, I am debt free, I actually purchased two high-powered computers with cash that amounted 900 dollars not on the credit card. I am so looking forward to credit score to rise and all those silly letters that say I am a preferred customer now after years of harassment negotiations for repayment.

they still bug meĀ 

Now I get calls and emails that my loans are approved. I didn’t apply for any loans. I live in apartment that is quiet, clean and comfortable and one-fourth the size of my former home, we didn’t need anymore. It is cheaper to live in the two bedroom apartment than in the former home.


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