He must have had help to do that!

How did that brat do that? David Hogg must have connections to network advertisers to get them to pull ads from the truth, teller Laura Ingram. Someone is after Fox news period, it is getting sickening. Anybody want to guess how and why? I don’t think it is too hard to figure out.

Democrat’s hate Fox News

I have been watching Fox News for many years and have found them reliable, they don’t insist they are accurate they just say we report, you decide. That does seem fair and balanced to me. There is definite media bias on other channels, hatred of the Republican Party. Fox News is the most watched channel in history, the jealousy is incredible. Even the Democrats hate Fox News and are blatant to say so.

Democrat’s hate the truth

Some lying liberal took out Glen Beck then Bill O’reilly, then the attempt was made on Hannity. Freedom of speech is under attack for sure. The tug of war in our culture is getting so great that is sickening. We are imploding. Then to shock the entire country Donald J. Trump becomes President and grabs the wheel to turn the country around, now the liberals are really angry.

Who else are you after?

Okay, David, how did you manage to influence all these advertisers to get away from Laura Ingram? I got strong feeling you didn’t do it alone. We know the Democrats love to grab hold of rebellion in their favor and use it. You are too much of an idiotic wimp to do it yourself. Are going to attempt to pulling the plug on me too? I don’t really have anyone supporting me as of yet, I have free speech on Word-press. Facebook is full of comments about your actions. You had free speech to declare that you want our guns, where is Laura’s free speech to say how dumb you are? Come on advertisers, what kind of wimps are you? I don’t use any of your product to begin with and probably never will. I stand with

an honest, respectable woman who had the right to say what she said without repercussions. You going to pull the advertisers on Rosanne too because she supports Donald Trump? You probably won’t since received the high ratings in history for one show alone.

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