The growth of technology

Remember party lines on wall phones? Might have to wait for an hour to get it or if an emergency you could have the operate break in. Did you ever just listen in? Citizen Band radios became the new norm for communicating, we had several from cars to the house. Ham radio was my brothers thing and of course writing an actual letter with a stamp on it.

Seems like the dark ages

TV had three channels and news only at 6 pm with a morning newspaper. Weather forecasts were once a day only. Black and white TV dominated with a shutdown late at night.

Wow, color TV from overseas

Then along came a personal phone line where you could talk anytime you wanted with no one listening in. Years later a cordless phone came in, pretty cool while you walked around the house and sometimes the yard. Then came the answering machine where you could leave a message on it while you were gone. TV channels expanded suddenly 100 hundred channels on a cable that was added to the house, that was not free any more. New channels came in much more often, they actually put Princess Diana’s wedding on live TV in color. I remember the first broadcast on TV from Holland in B W.

The cell phone

The brick was introduced as the first cellular phone, very bulky. You actually use it in your car for a pretty high price. My first attempt at a computer was an Atari, I stored stuff on a tape recorded as the hard drive, then a large screen heath kit with a large square disk.

Advanced electronics I worked a photo lab processing film for a living. I was using film camera for everything.

Simple computers

I finally got my hands on a big awkward cell phone, first time I used it, it flipped shut again. You had limited calls on that bulky thing. People were talking computers from Apple, very pricey. We finally got cable TV and used a VCR to record shows. Video tapes were in and you could rent movies this way. As a courier driver I had to use a tape recorder to record the dispatchers voice then write down the orders I received, slow and awkward. Many years later we got a large bulky machine to receive orders electronically. Nice, when it actually worked, when it didn’t work, back to pen and written ticket.

Direct TV and Apple computers

Then we bought into cell phone that were supposed to be better, these were so called smart phones, small and hard to use period and very tiny keyboards. I called them dumb phones, useless. We traded in Cable TV for Direct TV with built in DVR. Very nice and fairly priced but a hug dish on the roof. Any stormy weather and it would black out. We had computers, all of my sons got one. Big awkward and heavy monitors that took up a lot of space. I ended up with an Apple computer, the I Mac that I really never understood and an iphone that was expensive to use as well. Many years later the flat screen hit the market and stayed.

The internet came of age

Now computers are everywhere doing everything you can imagine. The internet came from humble AOL to Google that has taken over the world and killed the newspaper industry. Cars became computerized where I couldn’t work on those any more. Suddenly Digital cameras were in my hand and whipped out the photo lab. The photo lab was in the camera and in the computer and then put them on numerous social sites to share around the world. I remember takingĀ  a photo of my brand new grandson and sending the photo to my niece in Japan by way of messenger, in minutes.

The modern internet took over the world

Longer story shortened. In the year 2018 I have a cell phone that gives me unlimited everything for half the price of other companies. Computers are killing everything in sight. I can watch TV on the internet and using several different inexpensive sites to watch all kinds of movies and shows. I have available right now around

movies on my screen. If that isn’t crazy enough, they now have cars that drive themselves. I’m not doing that. My car 2009 is complicated enough the way it is. There is guidance system in the car along with a cell phone, for a price.

And what is really dramatic different, I can make a living working on the internet on various programs that I have installed. I can travel the world on the computers. That is all possible because of a vast network of servers and satellites in outer space. Those satellites alone have shown us how mankind has changed dramatically in the past 20 years.

Now email is used for many things but the most used communication now, is texting on your android of iphone, I use it everyday. I can communicate with my niece in Japan by way of messenger. Very few have landlines anywhere, except in the office. Couriers receive their orders off of cell towers as well, I really wonder were this electronics age will end.?

The newest one is going without cash. The credit card and debit card industry takes care of everything, Of course for me personally is writing my articles and stories and put them on a word-press where you can read them and avoiding a lot nonsense, better known as guaranteed publishing. You read what you want to read the story does not sit on a desk gathering dust. I thinking off more crazy things, you don’t need a TV any more just get you tube TV on your Roku TV. Don’t need the full internet service anymore.

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