Looking to make some money

As my faithful readers know I am retired  and work on the internet now. My basic income is obviously social security for both my wife and I. Being retired does not mean I don’t work. I don’t work out side the apartment I live in. I put in 12 hours a day Monday thru Friday, probably more than many of you. I don’t get paid overtime.

So what do I do to make make some money? The most important one is Amazon Mechanical Turk. Very strange name that means nothing to me.  I begin my day around 6 am everyday and go to 6 at night. I am  pulling around 140.00 a month on this fairly simple survey thing.  I tried very hard to make Swag bucks work but for some strange reason, out of my control their  videos lock up way too often. It takes weeks to enough swag-bucks to make it worthwhile.

Do not go the get rich quick schemes of making 1000.00 a day unless you are going to invest that kind of money to begin with. Based on my personal experience when you have spend money to use a program, it won’t work well. Fortunately I got 37.50 back every time. The one of making money buy commenting on apps you down load has this requirement  of 200 words on the dumbest stuff.

Other survey work I have found is mixed feelings. You can find a lot of survey that are free to register but are they worth it.  The pay is so low on most. They claim you can make 500 dollars a day probably if you are heavy drinker or smoker or have newborn in the house or plan to buy a car, you will be rejected often.  I tried

for awhile, wow, it said I made 350 dollars one day, when approved. It sat there for one month doing nothing. You decide for yourself. Right now I am trying out with paid to view you tube, I started yesterday. I don’t have to do much too make it work. 


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