I dare you to read this!

You’re not going like this one very much, but it is time to say it. Democrats are trouble makers from the beginning. The only good Democrat President, I can recall, was John Kennedy but he didn’t last very long. Bill Clinton could not keep his pants on, in the White House, and now for our favorite Democrat who wants to bring in socialism and thank it God it failed to continue.

Barack Obama cleared out the war in the Middle East but left a vacuum for power with a ton of weapons left behind. A group of Islamic radicals found and used them to murder and destroy Jews and Christians. This group was called ISIS and Obama called them junior varsity, he must have liked them to call these murders such a polite name. Oh, that is right, political correctness should not offend anyone.

Then the so called war against blacks is getting out of hand. If any one black or white breaks the law and attempts to run from the police they should be stopped. It does appear however that police should get better target practice, was it really necessary to kill any of these law breakers. It isn’t just Black Lives ¬†Matter, all lives matter. I have not quite figured what ANIFA is yet but it didn’t exist until Obama took the oath of the Presidents office.

The police are in the streets to protect us. As I see it, the culture of some areas of the country is to steal, kill and destroy because of gang leadership. It is what they do, most commonly found among the defiant youth of many nations especially our own. And who is trying to stop law breaking culture but the Police. They are under siege in every state. There too many Police funerals to go to. This didn’t happen before Barack Obama was put it office. Eight years of lawlessness and carelessness while he was in office because Police acted stupidly, according to him.

Now we have a new Sheriff in town that refuses to rest or settle for all the garbage Obama left behind.

A Republican President who will push back when pushed. He is a street fighter who doesn’t tolerate bad guys. President Donald Trump is clobbering the ISIS movement back to their origins. He is cleaning up the streets from gang violence of Black Lives Matter. Better trained and armed police are on the streets. Have you noticed fewer Police funerals in the past year? Have you noticed fewer immigrants, with evil intentions, are coming across the borders?

Have you notice more money in your paychecks and more job security across the country? Have you noticed Democrats are really angry now that President Trump has reversed several bad polices that Obama created? Have you noticed that Trump did not create the hatred Democrats have for their own country but rather exposed it for what it is. I pray for Donald Trump every day for his safety and wisdom as God guides him to turn the country around and make it great again.

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