California, here I go! What?

It appears California is sliding into the ocean and yet not because of an earthquake, thousands of people are leaving, for fear of the of the unwelcome residents in sanctuary cities illegally harboring criminals so the Federal government can’t get to them. These mayors and the governor of California are defying the President of the United States. The usual Democrats who hate President Trump.

Illegals from Mexico

Illegality aliens come from Mexican borders swarm into California, they bring their illegal drugs and guns and what ever other crimes they have committed, to hid in these cities. They are all given benefits that only citizens should have. Local police are not allowed to do anything about these criminals since they are protected by local laws. The latest report shows that many citizens and mayors are in total revolt over these laws that protect these cities.  The governor also wants to secede as a state to govern themselves and then they demand federal money. A confusing mess at best.

There obviously is serious misunderstanding of what a sanctuary city should be. They base it on the old testament version of sanctuary cities, the usual perversion of the gospel truth. And of course, the real reasons why this is happening, California field workers are cheap and they will then be voters for the

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