We are blaming the wrong things

I grew up around them and used them as a young man on the farm. They were fun to use, obviously safety was always a concern. I recall even the BB gun could be dangerous. It was fun to play cowboy and Indian and just plain shoot em with sticks. It is amazing how Roy Rogers could shoot a gun out of a hand but never killed anybody. I recall playing a gun fight with a close friend of mine as we took turns shooting at each other with our BB guns. We both hid behind large boulders in a park and then stood and shot at each other imitating like the cowboys we often watched. It went good for several minutes until yours truly goofed and stood up when he was still up and shot at him and actually hit him pretty hard. I don’t know where I hit him but he was angry at me. I apologized immediately and we both freaked out. We never played that game again.

Guns were used for hunting

Guns were used for target practice then go hunting. My brother and father were big into hunting, I went a couple of times and got bored with it. Guns scared me especially when I would hunt gophers stealing our grain on the farm. Watching those little creatures guts fly open and spray everywhere was not very appealing to me. It hated the sound of shot guns.  A friend gave me a pistol and I would on occasion go far from the farm home where, it was safe to use, and do target practice with tin cans.

School shootings unheard off

I knew a lot guys in school liked using guns as well. And unlike what you hear now, there was no such thing as gun violence, more fist fights than anything, but in high school that was pretty rare compared to grade school. Binge drinking was pretty common, I don’t recall hearing much use of drugs in those days either. But then again being a strong Christian and having that reputation, I was probably excluded from what other kids did. The only other guns we knew about was at the police station shooting range, a regular habit for many in the city.

I joined the military and for four years never heard of gun violence at all. After hours drinking was common again and drug in the military was unheard off. I never handled a gun in the Navy.

Gang violence is common

Then came the big city I life and of course the slum areas where drive-bys and gang shootings were a common new item to hear about. I had no gun my self nor would my wife allow them, that didn’t bother me at all. These were the late 70’s, there were no school shootings. The city of Minneapolis and St Paul was and is still and vibrant place to live, I have enjoyed living here for 40 years.  There is gun violence in remote places in the inner city and usually among gang members within the slum areas.

The absence of God

Then prayer was removed from schools and the public arena by those who were and still are offended by a prayer life. Many did not want to depend on God anymore. Tragic mistake. The gun violence began, Columbine High School, in Colorado was a massacre. They claim they were bullied but to kill those who professed their faith in God, why not just the old fist fight instead? Then school shootings started up and copied in many places in the country.

Okay, I will say it, in the last eight years of lawless government that only cared about gulf and vacations, the country went into the toilet. Democrats lust for total control in everything in our lives. Unbelievable events have taken place that tell the world we don’t want God in our country any more. Those of us who are prayer warriors are protected at the hand of God and I feel protected. In fact, I am beginning to see where churches being more attended than ever, because of the fall out of eight miserable years of lawlessness.

I’m pretty sure you have noticed the sign on many buildings that say they ban guns. Does that stop crime from happening. Violence in movies and Tv, with or without guns, is as common as the commercials.  It is not the gun, it is the deranged person holding the gun. It isn’t the camera that takes great photos, it is the person holding the camera. It isn’t the car causing problems it is the driver who is careless. Take away our right to have guns we are pretty much at the mercy of those who will have guns. Take away our military, we will not have a free country.

Our new sheriff in town is having a hard time dealing with a country that was lead in the wrong direction for too long, thanks to George Soros, who hates our country. The Democrats, in general are following too closely with those hate the United States of America and want it to fail.

I personally will stay on my knees in prayer until this nation comes to its knees in prayer asking God to forgive the serious error of its ways, and let Him heal our nation.

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