Hello world, how can I please you?

I look at my statiscs once a day  on my back office and see the I have almost every country in the world reading my blogs, I am grateful for that.  I looks like you have certain favorites you like to read. It has been one month doing my adventures on my keyboard for you. It appears that you almost everything is somewhat enjoyable, I have had no feedback at all about anything. I am trying to make the title as catchy as possible to get and keep your interest.

I know I’m not the only writer out there and I’m sure many  have been writing much longer than me, but it is fun to do. I would still like to know  what catches you interest to read the article? I am using obviously my own personal experiences in life and my view points on many things because that is all I have.  If you disagree with my view points you’re welcome to respond to anything. I’m no authority on anything, just a retired  man enjoying blogging. I watch the news everyday to gain insight in to what I want to say and you have the right to say how wrong I am. Continue to enjoy this blog and pass the word along to your friends and relatives if you like what I do. If you don’t like what I do, tell me. I am very open. Have a great day.


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