Life has changed so much

It was 6 months ago that I feel on a sidewalk and broke my ankle. As you can imagine it the first 10 minutes were complete anguish, I could not move and lay on the ground for a good 10 minutes until some one heard me and called an ambulance. I tried to get up to walk it off, that was impossible with even greater pain. I sat in the emergency room for what seemed like forever. My wife and son managed to get to me. I had called them while being transported to the Emergency room.

I took a walker home

I was patched up and handed walker because I had refused the crutch. The huge cast almost of to my knee was hard to deal with since I  cold barely move my entire leg. We got home around the 3 am and got very little sleep. I was told I would be on the mend for at least 6 weeks. So much for that job, I was forced to retire.  I really did not have any pain in the ankle, just terrible awkwardness.

surgery was next

Surgery was in the next couple days, pretty much a breeze just very award to move around. I have had neuropathy for months now in my feet. That is nerve damage caused by diabetes at 7.5 A1c. I had to sit down because of pain often after only 30 minutes standing up. After the breakage the neuropathy got twice as painful. I was not standing anymore, I sat 99 percent of the time because of the ankle. I ankle was still not painful. The doctor put a big plastic boot my ankle, I wore that awful thing for actually 10 weeks until fully healed.

Constant care

I needed care 24 hours a day with my angel wife working hard to keep me going the whole family pitching in to move us out the home we had to sell. The many months were to say the least awkward with the neuropathy being more painful than the ankle. Finally, January 8, I could actually walk but with out the boot, then came therapy. I got rid of the walker and got a cane. I could actually walk still very unsteady. I learned that it not only broke the ankle but did much damage to the whole foot. I can walk with no assistance around my apartmen and in my stocking feet. I use a cane out side to keep me stable. Now I work at home writing and doing other internet jobs. It has been long hard situation to deal but my Jesus go me thru it. I thank God everyday that my health is good, the diabetes is under good control.


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