Freedom of speech is loosing

I think I will to go backwards here to  reveal the latest victim of losing the voice  of freedom. They are two goofy Black woman are a voice for conservative opinion on FOX news channel. Goofy is just my opinion only, don’t go by that. Diamonds and Silk just look goofy but they are good spokes ladies for the Republican Party.  As of very recent FACEBOOK has called them a danger to the community and has silenced them. There has never been any reason to call them dangerous, more like funny and charming.

I believe we had all heard that FACEBOOK newest policy it to investigate all promotions of politics no matter who they are and shut some of them down. FACEBOOK has their own problems of total misuse of the social platforms and they will be coming to congress to their own misdeeds this week.

And of course the world knows of David Hogg fight with Laura Engram over her observations of his childish nonsense of gun control. He tried to shut her down by cutting advertising.

Yes, I am a fan of FOX NEW because they tell the truth. I am getting tired of their constant NEWS ALERT breaking in.  The liberals are somehow winning the battle though by

getting Glen Beck off  the channel, then Bill O’Reilly, an attempt at Hannity and on and on.  And of course, the biggest killing of fake News of all channel about the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

I think we all know some personalities behind the scenes. George Soros is a wealth billionaire who hates the USA, our Past president whose only job now is to destroy the conservative party. Democrats, in general wanting to turn the country over to socialism.


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