Who will get what?

The upcoming meeting President Trump and dictator Kim is dependent upon some hopeful outcomes. They plan to meet sometime in May, obviously the meeting will be a logistics night mare to plan. They both have great expectations that might not work.

The United States fully expects Kim to shut down all nuclear activities especially disposal of warheads that threaten the US on Western States. Would they reach those areas at any rate since most of the tests have failed and all we really hear are a lot of threats for annihilation.

Dictator expects us to pull all of our forces out his waters and leave him. Let him be the childish idiot that he is. I personally think is the mouse that roared. It is our naval presence that bother him. Well Mr Kim put your toys away if you are so concerned.

What is the actual solution to a very big problem. Only those in power know. Will they both get what they want? Is Kim really afraid of President Trump or this an ambush? Only time will tell.