So much for simple communication

He just wanted to help connect family and friends on a useful media that has now exploded into a world wide scandal of modern technology. Facebook’s growth has been used by countless millions and now has been used by those who want to cause theft. In 6 hours grilling in front of the senate sub committee much has been revealed that most people are not aware off.

All the average user of Facebook sees is big blue square with the words”what is on your mind” but is much larger and more complex than this. Apparently Cambridge Analyze has gotten their hands on your messages and exploited them. Mr Zuckerberg is standing his ground to lay out the facts, that it was simple means of communications to your loved ones. It has gotten out of control and is now being used my criminals, ISIS and whoever else wants to use it. It easy to use and free to access, maybe too easy. I use it everyday for not only keeping in touch with my loved ones in a verity of places. I use it to help broadcast with this article on Word press.

With that in mind, you might say it is a powerful media that must be used responsibly and carefully. As I stated clearly in another article your

identity can be stolen and used to manipulate you the reader to do the wrong things like give money to thieves. Then there is the false notion that your voice is recorded on you found about products you might be talking about. This conspiracy theory theory has been dropped. In other words, what started a way to communicate to others has turned into force that has gotten out of hands and has been abused by its users. It has gotten so far out control, even Mr. Zuckerberg agrees it should come under some kind policing and regulatory control.

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