Will you be a victim?

Did you check your Facebook yesterday? I looked at mine and found nothing but the usual news and post from loving friends and relatives that all over the country. I really can’t understand what a thief would get from our personal accounts to begin with, all that is on mine is my name and where I used to work and where I live now. Does anybody put financial information on their Facebook?

There is one concern that I have is identity theft. This maybe a retelling of a con that I experienced a week ago. My dear cousins face appeared on messenger and asked me if I got my money yet.

I was puzzled “what money?”

“Your 100,000 dollars, your name is on a list winners for Facebook empower?”

Of course my interest perked up greatly “What is this?” I dug deeper.

“Yes, contact this guy and see if you are on the list.” she said and gave the phone number.

I contacted the number by text and found out that I was a winner. I was to receive 100,000 delivered to my door in 24 hours.

“Wow!” my heart raced with total excitement “Okay, send it, I’m home all the time, I will answer the door for sure.”

Then I was told “You must present the delivery person with check or cash for a thousand dollars for the delivery.”

I reeled in my mind and said “A thousand dollar delivery fee?” flags went off. I asked my cousin, “Is this for real?”

She said “Yes, I checked with my lawyer. I got my money.”

This is was very unlike my cousin to have a lawyer and have a thousand dollars just laying around.

“Okay, how many brothers do you have?” I could see her face on my screen.

“I don’t have any brothers,” the face responded.

“How many sisters do you have?” I asked

“I don’t have any sisters?”

I knew this was fraud, my cousin has a large family of brothers and sisters.

“You are committing fraud, you liar. I wish the police could find you and arrest you for fraud.”

The note came thru, “I’m desperate for money for school and food, only way I could get it.”

I got away fast.

I went to check my actual cousins page and found her comment that some one had stolen her image and identity. This person had hacked into our family group and took her image.

Need I say more?


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